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Christie (xxchokexmexx) wrote,
@ 2005-04-28 18:37:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:"Bottom of the Bottle" - Smile Empty Soul

    Yo mofos
    Today was a good day! First, I fell in love with my math teacher! She's so nice...but she told me that I cant tell anyone why because it's a secret! Lol...and it's not perverted ya fruits. French was boring! But finished my letter! Lunchtime was effing hilarious. It started frigging hailing, so we went downstairs, and Robyn dared Nancy and I to run to the tree and run back to the door. At first I dident want to go, but then Nancy drags me outside, and it's efffing cold right, and so I began running to the tree but I was too wet already lmao, so I went half way and pushed Nancy and then went back inside lmao, and Nancy said that she was going to hold me at the tree (grrowwll...she wanted to cuddle) and I said no effing way. But then Robyn went running around like a chicken with its head cut off lmao and she was soaked! And in anthro, omg it was so funny, we were supposed to be working on our ISU, but when Robyn and I have side by side computers...nothing gets done! So we decide to go onto MSN2go, and of course it's not working for Robyn! Lmao, and she couldent press enter, or anything, and then it froze, omg it was effing hilarious. Robyn was pissing herself laughing at everything I did lmao. Ah what a great girl. And then in photo class, I processed film, and so was Amal, and that's always trouble! Lmao, she poured the developer into her tank before she mixed it with the water...and then her friend said she wasent supposed to do that LMAO and Amal starts flipping out! And so she pours like an effing full cylinder of water into her tank...but she more like threw it AT her tank! It was so funny, I was sitting there biting my lip! But my negatives turned out good! And so did hers! When she took them out of her tank, she had a roll of car pics! And she dident know how she got so many car pictures, and at first she thought they werent hers, but then she said hey they are mine! But how did I get so many car pictures? Lmao it was so funny. The bus ride home was hilarious too! I rode the whole time with no hands, and it felt like I was surfing. And everytime we would turn the corner, I would do like a little dance! I call it my "trying not to die" dance! And Josh said the bus driver was checking me out! -puke- Omg, lmao I had a good day! Ok, so leave comments! Robyn, always remember:

    -- Oh shit! I cant send messages to myself! LMAO --

    Oh! And Ainsley, just remember HER laugh! ROTFL
    Christie OUT! I <3 Ryan Seacrest! He's hawt!

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2005-04-28 19:53 (link)
LMAO OMG that was hilarious at lunch i love how u left out the part where i look like an idiot because i ran to the tree by myself because you didn't want to get wet LMAO. I was soaked for english class and it was so cold, my hair was like a freakin poodle LMAO it frizzed up so bad but that was way to fun especially when me christina, robyn and laine went back out and ran across and back again but robyn was like screw this and went in the other door and all the way around (at least i think she did i didn't see if she came back cuz i almost slipped and fell thank god for christina she caught me lol) Anyway its was a great day, so much fun except for my english class where i had to write an in class essay but mine was 2 long so i didn't get to finish it lo. Oh yeah Ainsley thought we looked retarded running in the rain LMAO

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Go Christie! HEY HEY HAY!
2005-04-29 09:43 (link)
Ohh skulls are sexeh!
Yo man! LOL jk
hey hun!
how are you? Blehhhhhh....
Im so tired.. Im in class right now, and Im done all my work.. mehh!
I get cake next period! Mann! LOL
LOL guys smell like rotten peanut butter on a banana! Mann that was awesome! lol
how do you think of these things?!
Im so happi that it's friday! LOL
Im gonna go bug Meakal! *mike* LOL and write him a really mean comment in his journal! LOL jk well not that mean;) haha.. not Im kididng. Me and him are close friends! lol but it's fun to piss him off.. OK still kidding! LOL. well hope to see you soon! bye hun
LOL your my sexeh Bhiotch! ;)

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thanks for the comment
2005-05-03 15:45 (link)
Yes, Christie, emo rocks! I am strange because I am talkative and opinionated yet also shy to the point of being borderline anti-social at times, it depends on my mood. I have many contrasting personality trais...Emo music rocks, do you listen to Taking Back Sunday? Dashboard Confessional? Newfound Glory? The used? I want to buy The Used cd. Greenday rocks too. Hmm spaghetti for dinner for me tonight! :) Yeah make a journal here, its awesome...its SO much easier. I tried to do some coding things for shalaina on her blurty account before and it was horribly hard but the same thing can be done in one click at this site. Thanks, yeah I like working there, I hope you work there soon too because Jordan is leaving at the end of may! And it would be fun to work with you and help you and stuff :) You'd like it, its cool. Well, talk to ya later.
love, shawna

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