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Christie (xxchokexmexx) wrote,
@ 2005-04-24 01:36:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:The Tv!

    I had a great night!
    Yeah so the surprise party we planned for Robyn went great! She was surprised and she really enjoyed herself so it was awesome! And Friday night was great too, it was Tae's birthday party and it was hilarious! They had a water fight outside and MacLean, Andrew, and Thomas were walking around the house like half naked lmao cause they were soaking wet! And MacLean puts on these girls pajamas and then jumps into bed with Ainsley's dad lmao and he got mad. And we saw the movie Fever Pitch, eh, it was ok. Kinda corny at parts, but it wasent that bad.
    This past week has been so horrible...I have to go to my Nanny's funeral on's going to be so hard...but at least I get to see my Dad...I hope he's alright.
    Next weekend should be fun. It's Robyn's birthday party and it's a hawaiian theme! It's going to be awesome.
    I've been talking a bit more with that someone...and it's great because I really missed him, and it's great to be talking with him again. I regret not talking to him as often the past year...but hopefully I can fix things and make that up to him. I cant wait for graduating's going to be so wonderful. ^.^
    Ainsley and Robyn are watching Scary Movie 3 lmao, it's hilarious, and I'm sitting here in the dark typing! Well anyways, I dont know what else to talk about, I'll update another time. Adios moochachas.

    <3 R.I.P. Nanny, I love you

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2005-04-24 20:20 (link)
omg macLean (big L for loser lmao jking) and andrew and thomas are fucking hilarious! andrew was very happy eh! lmao anywho im sry again for your nanny and hope tomorrow goes well. and dont wish for graduating summer to come too sooon cuz then its the end of high school HOLY SHIT one yr lkeft! lmao anywho i g2g im not feeling well! HEY your not gonna be there for the test on monday :O! its ok i'll hint to you whats on it!- love ainsley

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