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Ami (xxblackholexx7) wrote,
@ 2004-05-31 12:31:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:"Don't Mess With My Man" by Nivia

    Me, MoViNg, -N- zAcH!!!
    As some of you know, i'm moving.... I'm either moving to Peabody, or up to Maine. I'm probably going to live up in Maine though. I'd be living eith my mom -n- her fiance, Chris. It would be safer for me to live wuith my mom, my dad is too dommanding, and he only wants someone to boss around... -n- it aint gunna be me!!! If i go to live with my mom -n- Chris in Maine, then i'll b getting my liscens a lot quicker! So i'd come down -n- visit. Otha then that, im doin fine!!! Zach -n- i are still goin out! I realli think he may be the right one, -n- i only said that about one otha person.... so, yea! Nora realli hopes we stay 2gether too.... Well, thatz bout it!

    My ShOuT OuTz:

    Zach: I LOVE YOU with ALL my heart 4 eva!!!

    Jacky: Humm... My Twin, my twin!!! lolz... u dont needa get ova Ryan, u love him therez nuttin u can do bout it, itz jus how u feel, dont listen 2 Nora, follow ur heart! <3 I LOVE YA!!! ***big kisses***

    Alex: I know, u dont read this... but NEwayz... i jus wanna sai "thanx 4 the drink!" lolz

    Jess: We had SO much fun on Fridai!!! I deff have 2 bring Jessica wit me again! But this tyme Jackyz comin... ((here that Jacky!!! lolz))

    Jessica: u have 2 come wit us again the next tyme we go... -n- u canm dance!! lolz

    Those r all my shout outz 4 2dai!!! XoXo!!! ***BiG kIsSeS!***

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