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Ami (xxblackholexx7) wrote,
@ 2004-04-22 15:30:00
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    Current mood:In Love!
    Current music:"Naughty Gurl" by Beyonce... hehehe!

    I lOvE zAcH 4eVa!
    Tony is soooo boring! He wasnt even home last night, he went to play manhunt. So, he didnt go! But other than that i had fun. I got to know Matt a little bit more, and me and Jess were CRAZY!!! what else is new.... But enough about last night. Ummmm... Jess had a good night too, she fixed things between her and Joe! I think i'm just as happi as she is! lolz! :) And let's see, One of Jessica's friends keeps calling me and he's all like yea i have ahuge crush on you, then he's like no i dont! So, i dont know whats wrong with him. But i keep telling him that i have a boifriend that i LOVE ((I love you Zach!)), and i would never do anything to hurt him, or even ruin our realationship! But he still doesnt get it. So Jess hung up on him last night! hehehe!!! But that was like all, he hasnt called me today... thats amazing! L2M!!! well, that'z all i have to say! I LOVE ZACH!!!! 3*19*04 - 4eva!

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