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Meadow (xxangelkissesxx) wrote,
@ 2003-02-05 12:10:00
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    Current mood:frustrated
    Current music:Boomkat - Wasting My Time

    Entry #1
    Since this is my first post, I thought I'd just introduce myself and tell about my life and the people in it. K, well there's my best friends Kat (a.k.a Kitty), Lilly, and Daena (day-na). My eleven yr. old sisters liv (olivia) and neveah -which is heaven backward b.t.w.- they're twins, and they both get on my last nerves. Then my other friends Taylor, Missy, Jordan, and Dawn (I have more friends but mostly I'll be talking about them so..). My aunt May and my uncle Chris have been raising me and my sisters since we were little but really we sorta just depend on each other. Right now I am dating a guy named James, we've been going out for a year and 3 months now, I'd say its serious if you ask me, but not too serious. We're both young and wanna have fun so we're taking slow but I know I care about him alot. We'll get to him later though.

    Well thats most of the people that are in my life, well at least, the ones i feel like mentioning, I havent seen my parents since I was 13 (im 19) and i dont really mind, me and my mother never got along and I barely even new my father. I was glad when my aunt asked if we wanted to live with her instead because i probably would have ran away by now. I love my aunt and uncle and they've been more like parents to us but like I said earlier, they both get on my nerves but sometimes my sisters are the only thing I feel I have anymore.

    So anyway, Im 19, I live in new york city and Im a sophmore at NYU, im majoring in Business Management and one day I hope to start my own company, of what? I have no idea yet, im thinking something with movies, like a production company. I also want to start my own charity for abused and abandond animals and become a novelist, I want to write about teen angst and drama. I would love to put out some advice books for teen girls, and I want to start my own fashon magazine. know I now thats a whole lot to do in one lifetime but still, all of these things are important to me, plus I want to be a powerful, succesful, self-made millionair, but does'nt everyone?

    K, well im gonna go now, but im comming back later.

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