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i purr and you don't (xxallicatxx) wrote,
@ 2003-06-29 21:43:00
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    Current mood: mellow

    update of what ive been doing

    thursday - TIE DYE PARTY! fun fun fun stuff. let me tell you. woohoo. i wore my tiedye shirt today ;] oh yeah.

    friday - wait i forgot what i did hah

    saturday - went to the mall in hope of getting tickets. i got my TRAPT!!!!! and REEL BIG FISH!!!!! tickets. Whoever is going to RBF on thursday, let me know, and we can meet up there. I know lots of people are going. I'm excited =o) So the mall was fun. To be honest, i'm not a big fan of clothes shopping. I was there with paw and she was shopping for clothes for hourrrssss ahhhh haha but it was cool ! I got these hair clips that look like cat ears! i love em. I also got 2 pairs of kitty socks from journeys. love em as well. Oh yeah! and 2 buttons 1 with the chershire cat on it and 1 with a cat with a mohawk hah... What else did i get ? I don't think anything...yeah. It was funny there was this random guy who liked my kitty buttons and he randomly started telling me cat stories. fun stuff. okay yeah, i already said this stuff in my LJ!

    people im going to miss :
    paw - have fun in florida you sexy biatch ;)
    my uncle - leaving for europe tonight! have fun!
    mickey - have an awesome time in israel ... im gunnna misss u

    anyone i forgot? perhaps.


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ooo no! killer bluejays have attacked us!
2003-06-30 11:10 (link)
awww... thanks alli!! imma miss yas too! ... LIKE CRAZZZAY! well, anyways, i hope i can see you today! that would be awsome. ummm... welll, yay for alli's cat addiction!! hehe. Love yas, mickey.

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