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i purr and you don't (xxallicatxx) wrote,
@ 2003-06-20 15:28:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:oldies 104.33333 womc the motor cittyyyy hah sorry

    summer makes me giggle.
    ((copied from my LJ entry..hah pointless i know))
    =D ohhh happy day
    Yesterday and some of today consisted of :
    -spinning contests
    -roasting hot diggity dogs and 'shmallows
    -burning plastic
    -laying on the trampoline overlooking the stars
    -laying under the sun on the trampoline
    -telling scary stories/listening to scary music
    -seeing lots of people
    -making new friends
    -major bonding time
    -playing with prettty kittys >'.'<
    -------just having nothing but fun
    i loved the bonfire and major kudos(hehe) to lauren and scott for having it!!! thanks everyone for being awesome. i love you all. its awesome to start my summer like this : )
    tonight : maybe party!
    tomorrow : grad party maybe usblades band watching hah
    the most exhausting time of the summer will be : july 3rd and july 4th. for on july 3rd im going to REEEL BIG FISH! YAYY and the 4th im going to SUMMER SANITARIUM! yayyy. and the 5th i have a huge babysitting job. mmfun lol
    i might go to warped tour, too. : )
    see ya!<3

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2003-06-21 20:13 (link)
heyyy aLli!! your summer sounds like its gonna be sooo fun! Im happy everythign is going good sooo far!! *big smile* I will miss you like crazzay when i leave. but i gotta! =(. Well, i loves yas!! mickey.

p.s. POOL... this sunday... or monday???

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bonfires are good
2003-06-22 22:44 (link)
why hello there,
glad you could come to the bonfire! it was soooo fun. we will be hanving many more of those, just not with quite as many people everytime. its fun though, we will be sure to let you know when we are havin another one. im glad you think im funny!! :) ill be sure to add you to my friends list too. well ill see ya at the next bonfire or sooner.


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