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xxCrAzY_BeAuTiFuLxx (xx_bebita_xx) wrote,
@ 2004-01-29 00:00:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:Allison Krauss- When u say nothing at all

    Dont have much time...but got a few thoughts
    Well yesterday...i went donn to guys....he got back from calgary and called me.... he has a new nefew Matthew cute...:) I miss Sierra.....:( but anyway...he bought a model car... A mustang...Saweet i love looks really cool... we worked on it for a was kinda fun..:) BUT TODAY!!! ...things are getting a little intense...:S:S i not sure what to think... Guy came to get me today...we went out for was fun:) then we went to his house and just hung out... but it was kinda wierd we were like all kissy and cudly and holden hands and shit!! it was confusing... we worked on the Car... it is fun watchin him do that....the looks he gets on his face are soo cute..:D but any way we watched friends... and took whistler for a walk that was fun.:D I dunno if the cudly stuff is a good idea untill we get shit all worked out...BUT AHHH i dont really know ......gotta go xoxo Britne

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