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xx72novaxx (xx72novaxx) wrote,
@ 2003-12-27 01:19:00
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    Have the winds righted the ship

    A moral dilemma arose creating a new fork in the road
    I’ve gone against something very important to my sense of self
    But I liked it and that has created this sense of distress
    Is this my ate

    Hey you,

    You deserve a call
    And when I can gather the strength and courage I’ll do that
    I know its probably too late but for sense of mind I’ll try
    But just to let you know: School was made more difficult than it should have been (nothings new, and I’m sure you knew that)
    Things between her and I are well and that scares me (again nothings new)
    The important is still largely going ignored, I feel like I should be lying at this point but I can’t
    The family is still knocking on heavens door
    The little one is still growing (she can now count to ten and verbally identify nearly every feature of the face and she informed me that kisses are gross)
    Work still sucks
    Holidays were good, that’s largely due to her though. Hope yours went well

    That was a sad attempt to pretend like my wrongs have been forgotten. If I could get away with it that’s how smooth I would like it to go. I don’t deserve that and I know it. Just wishful thinking.

    If there’s something that needs to be said that cant deciphered from this let me know

    from you know who

    a thousand faces hide behind a thousand mask
    and it feels as if their eyes are on me
    maybe that’s vain
    I feel as though I’ve been conditioned to feel that way
    but isn’t that the american way

    been better but have definitely been a lot worse

    from white to pink to blue
    from smooth to ripped and cold
    from 80bps to 0
    black lashes bleed
    love you taste
    you’ve fallen apart again
    next time I might not stitch you back together
    love your taste

    “…I am my own parasite
    I don’t need a host to live
    We feed off each other
    We can share our endorphins…”

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2003-12-27 14:53 (link)
I had to read your entry twice this time, before a coherent thought enterd my head.. yes I am that tired..
and after reading ... the only thing I seem to be able to focus on is...

who is hurt you?
making these moments so hard for you?
and what can i do to help?...

Im here if you need me... for any reason at any time...

Merry Christmas.

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