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xx72novaxx (xx72novaxx) wrote,
@ 2003-09-14 04:47:00
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    Wake up

    I’ve noticed that I’ve drifted away of late from my original destination
    But I think things have manifested in a manner I only wish I could have envisioned

    Stolen quotes adorn your lips
    The taste is far from foreign
    A swirl of dust dances in a shard of light
    Aged white linen lay strewn about
    A forgotten season will make it’s self known
    An arthritic ground swells and moans with the birth of a new day

    One of my greatest fears is regression
    I can see that it’s not too far off and I know I won’t do anything about it
    A resurrection of the past in the guise of progress
    A loosening grip
    A guilty tongue
    An innocent hand
    Can I apologize in advance

    I look for truth in the transitions
    In between the blacks and whites
    Lost in the grays

    A collection of things taken out of context can be art

    An oversight robbed me of eight years of influence
    Vital times that could have been shaped by your new form of insight
    You made sure that there would be no follow up
    And for that I will always carry a heavy inside
    and on my tongue will rest the taste of dirt

    “For clear space and soundness of mind
    I’ve let you play me for some time
    One can only receive and retain
    But the lies you recite for your gain
    So you rely on my faith in your kind
    Or rather continue to pretend that I’m blind
    You say I made your life a living hell
    And yet still let me pay you when I fell
    How is it your feeling so uneasy?
    How is it that I feel fine?
    Life reveals what is dealt through seasons
    Circle comes around each time
    I’ve been blessed with eyes to see this
    Behind the unwhole truth you hide
    Bite to remind the bitten, bigger
    Mouth repaying tenfold wide
    I am above
    Over you I’m standing above
    Claiming unconditional love
    Try to keep bad blood in the past
    Never thought a chance, a chance it would
    I have strength enough, enough to forgive
    I desire peace where I live”


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2003-09-14 13:53 (link)
One of my greatest fears is regression
I can see that it’s not too far off and I know I won’t do anything about it

well those words were slightly prophetic, after last night..
tee-peeing... with highschool friends... fell right back into old roles... i hate being the puppet...

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