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//slightly warped// (xwatchmebreak) wrote,
@ 2002-12-10 19:12:00
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    i wish i was cool.
    so i had this good feeling that something excellent was going to happen today...but it didnt. today actually sucked really bad. and ricky lupo is the rudest human being i've ever met in my life. what else is there to rant about? i hate nikki. well, i dont HATE her...but man, she's getting on my nerves. everyday, we end up walking into school together b/c i drive her...and i'll be in the middle of a sentence, and she'll see danielle richards, and totally ditch me. and after shes done talking to danielle, she says to me.."so what were you saying?"'s petty, but i hate being ditched. it happens to me all the fucking time and i hate it. i'm sorry that i'm not cool enough to be your friend.

    The first time I walked with
    with a boy I was fourteen
    cold and stiff
    with both hands in my pockets
    snow lands lightly atop our heads
    whitening our hair as if
    we had been there for eternity
    although neither would mind it
    We walked towards nowhere
    having no set destination
    taking in every passing second
    so as to etch it into our hearts forever
    My hand wore a glove with holes
    but he held it anyway
    as if he held the exact location
    of my beating heart.. in his own.

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2002-12-15 08:44 (link)
Did you write that poem or find it somewhere, because it is really good. I would write my user name \but i don't have a journal.


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2003-04-04 15:27 (link)
yeah that is a pretty cool poem/song. don't wish you were cool, cuz cool's different to everybody. :) sorry i was just surfing some blurtys and saw yours.

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2003-05-05 14:03 (link)
that was really good I liked it

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