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*Beautiful Imperfection* (xtrutildeathx) wrote,
@ 2003-11-18 14:00:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:ABC family

    last night I was hanging out with Steve and we were just sitting around kissing and stuff and he ripped out my nose ring. Not going down the nose...just straight out. It hurt so damn much...Other than that, my monday sucked. I went to school and forgot my ID. Luckly no teachers asked to see it or I would have had a 20 minute. Then my locker wouldnt open. After that pete was being ignorent to me. Plus I didnt do my english assignment, so I got a zero. When I got home, I had to run out to the mail box to put a letter in the mail for davey and I came back inside and closed the door behind me and my pants got caught and I fell face first and messed up my wrist. I went over to Cherry's after that to see if they're hiring and they keep telling me "come back next week" so Imma try and out in an application in over at the movie theater I used to work at, plus the CD store up the street, plus hot topic. I figure that one of them has to hire me. I went to deannas school to get her after that she she wasnt ready so I had to stand around there for a while waiting for her to decided that shes ready and then take her to her job (which was a waste because she couldnt get her uniform). Then I want to get steve and we went to Jamie's house and he wasnt even there, so that was kinda a waste as well. We came back here and deanna was being rude and just grimey towards us. I went to go and get my mom and almost hit a car when I was backing out of the parking spot. Then I came back to the house and the while nose ring thing happened. After that I went to drop steve off and got sick when I got home..

    Today was a bit better. I went to school and remembered my ID. Then I left at 9 and went to the doctor, got my cat scan results back (Im normal....well...kinda). I also got my medication dose boosted up. I take 1 mg a day now. I went back to school and got back just in time to see steve (yay). I went to english and had all my homework. I did my HSPA stuff and understood it, so imma take the test #6 tommrrow and pass it. In math Mariella and I worked together and here I Anyways, Imma go. later daze and better laze

    Stay safe and rock on~

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