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*Beautiful Imperfection* (xtrutildeathx) wrote,
@ 2003-12-19 09:03:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:sara

    well...steve left. He's gonna be gone for 16 days. :-(. He came over wednesday night and we exchanged presents. He got me a necklace, an inscense burner, and 2 roses. I got him a CD and an earing. We went over to CVS to get my meds and then we went to kinkos and then to circuit city. After that we went back to my house and went into my room. After a little bit, I broke down and started crying. This went on for over an hour. He and I just held each other crying. I guess he started crying cuz I was. I dont kno. But we both just layed in my room all upset and we left my house around 11 to drop him off. When we got in the car and I started driving, I completly broke down again and started crying. I stayed like this until we got to his house and then it got worse. Before we left my house, he gave me his necklace and I gave him my stuffed bunny which had my body spray on it. But yea I was crying really bad and so was he. he was saying how he didnt want to leave.

    Yesterday was really bad. He wasnt in school, so I didnt get to say goodbye to him. I was all upset and cried in every class except psychology. I guess thats cuz I was busy which kept my mind off of him leaving. In study hall I was sitting with heather and I started crying. Im gym I cried when I was sitting with becky. I eventually cried my self to sleep during that class (we went doing anything). In Marine Science, I got sent home cuz I was crying so much that I just couldnt handle it anymore. I went to the nurse and she sent me home. My mom came and got me and I went home and set up the computer. I was hoping to see steve online, but he wasnt, so I left the computer on with an away message on and the volume up all the way so I could hear when he came on. Around 2:30 he finally came on and we talked for a while. I sent him an e-mail when I got home and he got it. Later on, after I got deanna, we went to the mall while my parents went to wal*mart to return something. We saw the twuns and dennis and lourna. After that, we dropped deanna off at her friends house and went out to dinner. After dinner, I went home, got my coat, and went to get mare and Jim. Then off to Waynes house we went. We only stayed there for a little bit. I came home and was asleep by like 10:30.

    School so far has been pure hell. :-\. I dont want to be here and I keep wanting to cry.

    Im gonna go. later daze.

    Stay safe and rock on~

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