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Face this all alone (xthreezacharmx) wrote,
@ 2003-06-10 21:43:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:The Starting Line - A good night's sleep

    Finally finals..
    School is almost over... for real this time. Finals. and then its our last week of school. I am so excited. Driving school also ends this week. the final for driving school is tomorrow too. grah, buzy week. It was so funny. Heather and Kayley came into my driving school tonight and gave me goodbye kisses in front of everyone. GREAT TIMES. Amy was too chicken... mmm, chicken. I hate everyone in that class. Anyways, I saw *** tonight. It was stupid.
    so, i have a half day tomorrow. yay
    i feel like writing what's on my mind oddly enough tonight. who would imagine thats what a journals for... - I'm reallly pissed at people. Especially Otis and Otis. I dont even know them, nor do they know me, and they feel the need to talk bout me. right in front of Waj nonetheless. People need to mind their own business, especially in Otis and Otis's case because they're pieces of crap anyways. I'm glad that I don't have to deal with them anymroe after this week. People need to get to know people first. Fuck them :). I won't let it get to me though becuz they don't deserve my recognition.
    I'm OK now... even though I can only stand about 4 people on this earth... :sigh:

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2003-06-10 21:59 (link)
omg. don't look at this icon i'm not using.

i like how it says up there ^^ "fuck off. :)" lol offensive language, then a cute innocent smiley face.

i heart you.

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2003-06-10 22:02 (link)
Don't listen to either of the Otis'. They don't know shit. I know you 100 billion x better than they do, and I can tell you this: You are seriously one of the most fucking awesome people ever, and they are totally missing out on not getting to know you. Not only are you a great person, you're an incredible friend who listens to me whine and tells me what I want to hear, even if it isn't the truth. You've got it all. There's nothing bad about you. If I was ever mad at you for something, I could try my hardest to think of something mean to say about you, and it would never come to me. You just rock that fucking hard.

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2003-06-13 09:12 (link)
and bitch im one of those 4 people :) okay, i know who otis ots and waj are. im wicked smart. time for finals!! byee xo love noelle

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