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Face this all alone (xthreezacharmx) wrote,
@ 2003-08-02 23:28:00
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    Current mood: creative
    Current music:The Staring Line - The Drama Summer

    Shit. Is it August 02 already?

    Today I woke up late - and I called Heather. Her and Nawl Dong came and picked me up. We went thrifting and such. We ripped up DDR. C's on standard aren't bad. (songs to master --> Saints, Butterfly, I do I do I do, we will rock you) (songs to try --> Speed Over Beethoven, Little Bitch, Crash - eek hard)

    Belatedness - We hung out at Hessica's house. They did the birthday thing - sigh - again. Her mom made cake and all that fuss, it was so nice of her. They did it last night too when we went out to eat at Border Cafe [I saw Ms. O'Connell there]. Anyways, i hate birthdays. Everyone bought me stuff that they said that they were going to a long time ago - and stuck to it. I thought that was really cool. I love my friends . :-D

    Today we talked about the future - kind of sad, yet good - goal setting is always an upper. We talked about how we wanted to write books, and I thought that it was such a good idea. I want to follow through with it. I had this great idea for it - I wanted to write about my life, like right now - maybe ahead a little bit. I wanted to write it backwards - like starting with the consequences of something big, and work backwards and say stuff that lead up to that. I wanna incorporate a formal touch, as well as my own certain style. It would fuckin rock. Good time to use my extensive vocabulary. lol

    Well, i'm going to make a collage of boys making out for Amy and Heather.



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2003-08-02 23:54 (link)

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2003-08-03 09:44 (link)
Aw, writing a book? What a good fucking idea, where ever did you come up with that? Just playing kiddo. Just don't outdo my book. I'll kill you if someday your book is #1 on the best sellers list and mine is #2. Just kidding. Mad love. Holy crap. Boys making out. Whoaaa I'm gonna pass out. AAAhhah soooo beautiful! WWWWWAAAAASSSSSSSUUUAAAALLLLLAAAGLLLGGAAAALLLLLLBBBLAAAAHHHSSSSIIIIIEEEEK!

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2003-08-03 14:29 (link)
Shit, I should have known that you guys read my journal. I wanted it to be a surprise. It came out good by the way.

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