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Face this all alone (xthreezacharmx) wrote,
@ 2003-07-21 22:47:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:Allister - Somewhere on Fullerton

    Me face down down across your floor
    What a weird couple of days with its up and downs. Yesterday I was kind of sick. SO TIRED LIKE WHOA. I've been getting tired at like 9 lately. Maybe I caught mono from Erin Johnston. We chilled at Kayleys today, and yesterday too. I keep leaving my bag there. We went to the willow's today. We were gunna play DDR but the people there were so much better so we didn't wanna look dumb. We got some pizza at some place. it was good, and very largggge.
    I picked out my new cell phone today.
    I hate my dad - He told me to get rid of the hair (Cut and dye it back) and to lose the earrings (mind you 90% of the population has their ears pierced.) He's just an asshole. He's not my dad - he's just someone there to bitch and moan and to make money. Things would be so much better if he wasn't around. i could sit here and talk about his bad qualities all night. I wish my mom followed through with the divorce-ness a few months ago. that would have been the best decision of her life. She just loves his precious money. I don't blame her in a way - even though she hates him too. He wants me to live back in the 60's with him. What a loser. I don't even look that bad. Ofcourse I can't "go back to school looking like a freak." Freak? I look like a freak? EARRINGS AND BLACK HAIR?!?!?!?!?!?! I'm the furthest from a freak you're going to get buddy. I could be off doing so much worse things... i'm not a crackhead. There's an upside. Why does he care what I look like? He doesn't even look at me. I see him an hour a week - if that. Luckily. I bet if you put me in a crowd, he couldn't even pick me out. I'm thinking about running away - staying at Janine's? Danielle's? Heather's? He wouldn't even fuckin look for me - unless he wanted me to babysit
    I'm done being a bitch. I could be here all night. Fuck him. He makes me want to vomit - adding to my sickness. Something needs to be done.

    I really think I have mono....

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2003-07-21 22:59 (link)
i love you. love love love. i don't know how many times i can tell you this, but if you ever need anything at all, don't hesitate to come to me. you deserve the best. and i will always be there for you, no matter what. just hang in'll be out in 2 years. untill then, keep your head up. make the best of it. i love you. and again, you can come to me for anything.

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2003-07-24 01:37 (link)
.ur dad is retarded or something.

.actually. my dad is like that too. but luckily I dont live with him.

But anyway. What's the big deal about you having ur ears pierced and black hair ? It's not like you're hair is green. And you're not gonna be able to get ur hair to be the same color as it was before anyway. And even if he made you take your earrings out, the holes would still be there. Maybe you could talk to him or something. I dunno. Hopefully things gett better for you darlin .

much love

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