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Face this all alone (xthreezacharmx) wrote,
@ 2003-06-30 22:42:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:Mest - Hotel Room

    What's the dil dil dil dil dilio?
    Good past couple of days... I went to maine with Heather and Amy to pick up her cousin Val. That was fun. We stole signs there and stuff. A little tension got started - but that's all settled now. I'm glad that we had that tension - it got some of the stuff that I wanted to say off of my chest. Phew. Anyways... I had Heather pierce my ears a couple of days ago. It was the night that we stayed over Kayleys. I like 'em. Not much to say, except that I'm staying occupied. I guess I'm no longer sleeping my summers away. Today we went to Salvy's and I bought the BEST shirt. It says "super cute" and has a picture of a panda on it. It's so cute. We rocked the DDR at kayley's house for a few hours. LoL. i <3 Kayley.

    Everyone has been running into trouble lately - if anyone has anything to say about me, say it to me. please. I'm also here to talk if you have other troubles.

    I'm mad that my cell phone bill isn't gettin paid.

    ......... I feel lonely

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2003-06-30 22:53 (link)
omg don't look at this ugly icon.
<3 you are the best boy ever, and you should not feel lonely.

here's my problem: my entire ankle is itchy!! yikes.

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Aww baby...
2003-06-30 23:01 (link)
You totally ripped up DDR today. Steve owns all at that game. I've never seen anyone play like that. It's fucking sick.

Anyway, about this lonely stuff... If you want to talk, you know my number. You should know, by now, that you can me WHENEVER you need someone to talk to. I know you already know that but I felt like being lame and telling you again, just in case you forgot. [You know, pot does rot the brain :-P] But anyway, if you EVER need me, call me. I know what it's like to feel lonely. If I didn't have you during that whole time I don't what I would've done. Had you not listened to me bitch, complain, and cry, I probably would've went insane. If you ever need the favor repaid, just call...I'll be there to answer.

Je t'adore,

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Re: Aww baby...
2003-06-30 23:10 (link)
Thankz... i kno you're there for me babez... But you know what i mean, its a different type of lonely... Not a "I need to talk" lonely... but "i need someone" lonely

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2003-06-30 23:21 (link)
Hey, Collin...don't ever feel lonely. I don't care what type of lonely you are, you're a fucking amazing person who deserves the best. Don't feel dependent on other don't need someone. Stop telling yourself that. Instead, say "It would be nice to have someone." You're doing fine where you are. I'm sorry that I'm not all fancy with the scrolling words like Amy was, but I'm just as sincere.
Mad love.

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2003-06-30 23:32 (link)
Yea heath. thankz... that's very good advice - i'll follow it to the best of my advantage but sometimes I can't help but feeling that I need something more in my life....I have nothing else to look forward to right now

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