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-- the only </3'd loseR you will ever neEd -- (xthisbitterpill) wrote,
@ 2004-05-26 17:44:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:The early november - they rock!

    Heres a poem that i wrote...

    There lives a pretty girl
    She lives in a quaint house
    She has kind friends
    Who kno their manners
    They wear their emotions
    Like 4th of July banners

    Underneth her flesh & bone
    Wher they cant be reachd
    Her serects are hidden
    Lockd inside her taterd heart
    There lies a sad child
    Who plays the pretty girl part

    Inside this being
    Ther dewells a lonely child
    No person truly understands-shes always smiling & always laughin
    To her these are a demand

    This pretty girl has problems unknown
    They push & pull at her mind
    They are runnin wild & rampted
    Are are unspoken and untold
    Inside shes dying slowly
    Outsides shes acting bold

    Her family assumes she well rounded
    Her frens believe she so well grounded
    Noone bothers to ask
    How she really feels
    only she knos that she cant deal

    theres more but i just don't feel like getting my note book right now
    tell me what you think
    And be honest

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(Reply from suspended user)

Re: heyy
2004-05-26 16:33 (link)
hey Laura -- Yes i lovee emo. Its so true that their are so many freaking posers. Man if i got a five dolllar bill for every time i see one (or hear them say they are) i be able to go on a curise man. OO and the yellow card thing. They were awesome till they got on TRL. It ruined a great band. And whats funny is i got their cd 2 weeks before htey first aired on TRL. Arrghh -- makes me up set lol. Well im gonna add you as my friend, FRIEND! lol the sn in my info is wrong, its: lxThisbitterPill -- Talk to you soon. Now im gonna read your journal more cuz i dont remember what you had in there lol
-- always a

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(Reply from suspended user)

Re: heyy..and heeyyy again
2004-05-27 17:33 (link)
haha -- man we should hang out -- were alot a like lol -- Yeah im 13 but im 5'8 soo i look aloooot older. lol i get offered jobs at pacdun and fashionbug... kinda scaryy. Yess -- im the queen of random. Sometimes i swear i have ADD -- but the test said i didn't so but ppppppppssttttttt whatever. Soo i kno you told me where you lvie in newjersey <> but liek is it south or north or what?? tehe im eating chicke -- its yummy ... a little chewy but whate ever. O yea what is your 'birth name' What name is on your serticacete? sorry cant spell. MY reall Name is lauren -- i kno oyu sign Laura but your nick names were... cough a ever going list!!... and i saw lauren there. So i was like man thats cool! Even though i think my naes dosent really fit me. But what ever.. well i have to go potty -- i drank to much lemon add!

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