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sarabeth (xthedeclinex) wrote,
@ 2004-04-17 10:03:00
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    Current mood: drunk
    Current music:Lower Class Brats -Barbie Dolls

    There ain't no future
    I think common sense varies from person to person depending on the person.

    For example..."Someone didn't turn off the water"
    Person A--Turn it off, don't waste water
    Person B--Don't turn it off, maybe someone left it on for a reason, they were warming up the water so they could grab a napkin and dab the stain out of their dress.
    Person C--I'm not turning something off, I didn't turn on. How is it my responsibility? Cleaning up after everyone and making sure they succeed in shutting things off and turning them on. I'm not their maid.

    I'm kinda pissed my dad wouldn't let me see Chris last night. Fuck it, you know? This is so hard. And no one helps me. I called all my "friends" to come with me, and I got a bunch of
    "IM in New York"
    "I'm in Florida"
    "I can't go, my parents don't like Washington twp."

    You're parents don't' like it? When did we start caring about what our parents like? Was it when I shoved an obnoxious safety pin through my nose? Was it when I belted out cynical lyrics over the microphone like "fuck this country haha and FUCK YOU" How about when I stopped wearing skating brands and became an utter fashion punk dedicated to my music. Yeah you heard me, fashion punk. To me, that's different from a poseur. A poseur just does punk for fashion and memorizes lyrics and bands to fit in. What I do is dedicate myself fully to my music and advocate the bands I like through my skirts, shirts or anything else. I look very fashionable, without trying. So therefore I'd consider myself a fashion punk. Doesn't make me any less of a person, in fact I know I'm ten times the person you are, or could ever be. Come on, I talk shit, get in peoples faces, call people I hate just to tell them I hate them. I resist authority as much as possible, and always look for confrontation. Ever been arrested? I have. Sucks. But now, I can write about it, so that I have more cynical lyrics to yell out about pigs and little girls in shopping malls.

    Ignore what you just read, Im drunk as anything.

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2004-04-17 21:42 (link)
i totally agree
people always make fun of me and say "your such a fashoin punk"
and people think im stupid for saying yep your right
because i guess if you look like someone else you trying to be that person
its all bull shit
fuck em all

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