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k8thegreat (xthecapechickx) wrote,
@ 2012-01-31 13:04:00
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    ? One or two sentences that summarize the article?s primary thesis, theme, or message.
    ? Discuss two or three key points that stand out to you.
    ? Share a question or lingering idea that the article has provoked in you.

    The Postindustrial Landscape

    This article is about how over time, jobs humans used to do have been replaced with computers. It discusses how it has affected our citie's landscape.

    What I thought was intresting was the way the author painted the picture of abandonment in our heads with the disapearance of the clerks and the brakemen. I found it interesting

    Also the idea that we dont really know how allowing these industries to replace human jobs with computers affects our social and economical consequences. I believe that it is good in some aspects, as not to risk human life where a task could be dangerous. I also believe it could be detrimental to human kind and make us lazy and uncaring about where and how our goods are made.

    The industrial revolution has been in the past for awhile, it is interesting to talk to my dad about how things used to work back when he was my age. What I have become to realize is that the ones who are most hurt by the replacement of computers with human jobs is his generation. He holds a sense of pride in the idea of a hard days work. That idea is something I feel my generation is missing, because we are so entwined with what technology can do for us, it is difficult to relate to the industrial revolution.

    The Landscape of Contemporary infastructure

    This essay is about how urban sprawl affected our cities infastructure. It includes examples of New Jersey and Germany's new road systems as well as Louis Kahn's circulation diagram of Philidelphia.

    What I found intresting about this essay was that all this technically was made possible by the car, without the car we wouldnt have needed these new forms of infrastructure. It is clear to me why it bothered people, these huge massive structure covering up their once naturalistic landscapes. It is also nice to know towards the 1990's that they began to intermix these large structures with other forms of transportation such as train ferrys and bus stations. There are people such as BIG thinking about ways to make these mega structures more relevant to our cities such as Loop City.

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