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Tanyada (xtanyadax) wrote,
@ 2003-06-08 14:12:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:Sway by Bic Runga

    My very First Entry...
    Alright, my first journal entry! I think...I clicked on the "update" button and this is what they showed me. I hope this is right. Ok so hmm...what am I going to say? Well why do I just talk about my day. I woke up from a phone call today from my boyfriend. Then went back to sleep then I got woken up again from my friend Jacky. Poor thing, called to see if she could come over to my house cause she was all upset about her boyfriend. So she came over to tell me that today was the day she broke up w/ her boyfriend. She was pretty upset, but she seems to be ok now. Then I went out to get In and Out cause I was starving! And that cheeseburger was quite yummy! While I was eating, I started to watch my movie "Minority Report." I only watched the beginning scene then turned it off cause I was done eating! I've seen the movie already, but it was nice knowing that I could watch it whenever I wanted. I really lucked out w/ that sale at Blockbuster that Memorial Day. Got so many cool movies! Yay!
    Ok now for the crappy stuff, Finals are this week and I don't want to study or do anything...I am so sick of school..eww. I just want to start working already or sumthing. I have a P.E. class on Monday...yuck, then on Tuesday I have 2 Finals one for Religion and the other for Film Aesthetics...yuck, then I have my Gymnastics final on Wednesday...yuck cause I don't really like that class then I have my Archery Final, which is written! Damn!
    Well that's all for now folks...I'll have to figure out what to write next later onz...

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2003-06-09 01:31 (link)
yeah!!!!! i'm so happy that you made your blurty!!! I haven't updated mine but i will.....soon
tell clifton happy b-day and i'll see you tomorrow at school =)

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