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Tanyada (xtanyadax) wrote,
@ 2003-06-23 13:12:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:Jane's Addiction "Just Because"

    The Rafting Trip
    Well I did decide to go the White Water Rafting trip! It was soo fun! I'm glad I decided to go! We got to sleep in tents and it's a good thing I brought mine because there wasn't enough for everybody! So it was cool sleeping outside and stuff. But it was hella cold in the morning and in the middle of the night. And they fed you with breakfast lunch and dinner and all the staff was really cool and nice to talk to! They also had a friggin big screen tv there! It was weird...but at night there was free time after dinner, so a lot of people watch a movie at night. It was cool. The rafting part was fun too! Our River Guide was really nice and cool to talk to. We did all the fun stuff on the river that some people don't do. I go so sunburned though! But that's my fault because i didn't really wear any sunscreen. I really wanted a tan man...and I did...hehe! During the rafting we saw a raft flip over!! It was interesting to watch but all the people on that raft were scared! but they all turned out ok. It was sad because one of them didn't know how to swim and she was super scared! They were all shivering like crazy when they finally got back on the raft. But I'm glad they all turned out ok. After that we always watched their raft just to see if they would flip over again. Sad but we really wanted to see something like that! Overall it was super duper fun fun fun! And I'm glad I got out of town before school started...I really needed it!

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Oh yeah...
2003-06-23 16:27 (link)
Oh yeah...I fell out of the raft too...hehe

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