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Jeremy (xstayxgoldx) wrote,
@ 2005-03-26 16:11:00
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    Current mood:aggravated
    Current music:Killswitch Engage

    So Far.. So Bad..
    I had to get up early for work today, and I ended up none stop working my butt off, sucked real bad. We start nearing the end of my work day when things when for the crapper. Here I am making a sandwich, I had previously thrown a piece of cheese at my friend when things went bad. Kevin is the guy i threw cheese at.. well I get warned by the manager when kevin jokingly starts throwning lettuce, tomato and pickle at tracy the manager, she laughs and walks back up to front line. ( No Big Deal ) Im making the sandwich and kevin throws a part of a chicken nugget at my nose and tracy sees it. She yells at me and tells me just to go home that I was fired, just like the no explanation no nothing. I argue some and say what the heck I didnt do anything kevin threw it at me... well she stays with it and goes for the stubborn end and sends me home, i get up front to check out and im pissed off and just punch the wall on my way out. Barb is the head manager, and I have to call her tonight to find out what the deal is... odds are I dont have a job, and if i do, im not coming back on anyones good side.

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