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Jeremy (xstayxgoldx) wrote,
@ 2005-03-25 23:32:00
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    Current mood:chipper
    Current music:Devil In New Jersey-Coheed And Cambria

    First Entry For The Second Time..
    So Ive done blurty before... and I gave up on it because I wrote about the same stuff day in and day out. I'm giving it another shot, hoping that theres a possibilty I'll be able to let some stuff out and break that old style of writing. Im so in love. Andrea has been with my for close to 6 months and its everything I know about love, I'll be with her forever. She is so beautiful in all things, her smile, her eyes, the way her hair smells. Sometime back I found myself hunting for that story book ending, the one where they live happily ever after, and I finally found it. I ached for the longest time, I was running girl to girl in search of someone I could stick with, someone that made me feel special and someone who made me ache for them. That someone is Andrea. We are like best friends... in everything, we can talk, we can laugh, we can do fun stuff like wrestle or watch a movie together, and at the same time we can lay in bed and snuggle and hold eachother, where everyting else just seems to fade away except the warmth of her skin against mine.

    I cant ever help but feel like something isnt right in my life. Everything is perfect, seriously and honestly for the first time perfect. I need to push myself to be harder on myself when it comes to making choices though. Ive quit a lot of the old stuff I used to do to bring myself closer to God, but somethings feel too good to let go; to be a sin. So maybe that's all, maybe I need to hold myself back sometimes, So I dont have to worry about it anymore, and then EVERYTHING actually will be perfect.

    I had the time of my life this whole week. Taste of Chaos kicked my anus. Seriously had the best time right there with some of my favorite bands in front of me. I got to be with my girlfriend, and didnt have to worry about little things like having friends around when we snuggled or holding back on anything else. Seems like her parents might actually be accepting of me. Weve been together almost 6 months now and up until the fifth month, her parents thought I was nothing but bad news. Im so happy im with her, honestly the highlight of my life.

    I cant wait til it warms the ferk back up. I dont mind snuggling with my girly, but outside of that I WANT TO BE OUTSIDE SKATING AND IN THE SUN. Gosh. I need exercise and the fresh air, I feel like Ive been sitting on my butt forever. Tomarrow is going to be so awesome, except for work. Get up at 7 and work from 8-4; get home take shower and hang out with my girl at my house for the first time since new years ( since shes been at my house) and then go see the ring 2. Then I get to go to sleep, wake up, do the Easter thing with the family, and then head to work again. YAY. Yeah so maybe its not so awesome cept for seeing my girly and seeing the ring. Well Im going to bed, early day tomarrow.

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