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Jeremy (xstayxgoldx) wrote,
@ 2005-04-05 15:52:00
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    Current music:Matchbook Romance - If All Else Fails

    Just One Of Those Days.
    Didnt go to school today, didnt feel to well. Not only that but I deffinetly needed some extra sleep. Its my little brothers brithday, hard to see him grow up so quickly. So today probably wont be the greatest day because Im not allowed to leave. So I might have a new job at pizza hut, or atleast I hope... It would be real nice. I got a fat check yesterday from social security, my car still isnt fixed so ill be able to use some for it. $2500 :)

    So this weekend is prom, Ive got my tux, got my stuff and im ready to go. Im excited to dance with my girlfriend and have a good night. Im so upset that her parents are so gay. Still being themselves... they are going to let her go, but she has an early curfew and everything else, I dont drink and neither does she, but she'll probably come back and her dad will make her give a breathalizer hehe :P Well wish me the best for this weekend.

    God, I havent forgotten, and I havent let things change. I still have faith and complete trust that the things I have asked for are true and are coming true, bless my family and myself, and my girlfriend. Forgive me for my sins. God give me guidance on the leadership camp, on wether I should pay the money to go or not because it is quite expensive. I love you God. Amen.

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