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~*Hurts So Much To Hide It...*~ (xspillmyheart2u) wrote,
@ 2004-07-23 10:15:00
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    Gahhhhh! I'm all excited and freaking out at the same time.
    Yeaaaaa, so. Jeff's coming over today. Yayyy.

    I think we're watching the Matrix Revolutions...because I havent seen it and such. And whatever. *laughs* So yea...Movie. *dances* Ha! Watching a movie at home is infinitely better than watching one in the theater. Plus we did that yesterday. LoL.

    Ok, so yea. I'm all wicked excited that Jeff is coming and such. Gahhh but this is going to be tricky. See, my mom's at work until late. My dad's not coming to pick Eric and I up until At LEAST 2:30. Maybe three. But my mom's boyfriend...He might show up here at some random time today. Hopefully it's before Jeff actually gets here in an hour and a half...He'd tell me mom I had a boy over. :(

    I'd be dead. My mom would FLIP, and then she'd tell my dad. But at least he'd listen to my lies (or truths, sometimes, that my mom wont) and believe them. I'll get away with it with my dad. Because he 'knows I wouldn't do anything like that'. But really...If I got caught with a boy in my house, or more specifically on my couch..I'd be in sooo much trouble. (Hey, but it's better than in my bed, right?) Heh.

    Gahhh *freaks out* Now I am worried.

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