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<33*manda (xshawtisar) wrote,
@ 2003-12-23 15:41:00
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    heyyyy guys . im at d.el's aka danielle nickels housee.. with mic. i <3 these girls theyre sooo awesome. alex asked out mic last nite!! so cute since she really likes him n shit. mics sooo fucken gorgeous~ but ya no people ALWAYS tell us that me n her look like mary kate n ashley cuz we look alike n we look like them too haha crazyy me n mic look like sisterss..yeahhhh cuz we are at heart ♥

    it's danielle's 3 month anniversary w/ ryan tonight. AWWW hahah happy 3 months n shit. she already had sex wit 2 months.. n now mics thinkin bout doin it soon w/ alex cuz were seniors and uhh were all sluts so we shoulda had sex already..who am i gona do it with?? DREWYYYY. hahah probably. cuz hes my bitch. but were not even together anymor or anythin like that. hmm i duno. i needa man but i dont wana boyfriend rite now :-/

    yeah yeah so d.els gona be w/ ryan tonite.. and mics gona be w/ al but maybe if he brings drew then ill chill wit them too..haha rhymed..ehhh iduno

    jenni hope ur havin a sickkkk time with jenn + all those hot boys ur bangin in hawaii

    <3 yaa
    ~manda (and mic n d.el)

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2003-12-23 15:49 (link)
OMG if u and ur friend look like marykate & ashley then u must be gORGEOUS!

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2003-12-23 15:51 (link)
yeaahhhh hahah everyone tells me i look like ashley and mic looks like marykate. but we both got brown hair but we still look alot like themm..which is weirddd cuz me n mic arent even related hahah but we look so much alike..n like them. yeahhh so we get that ALOT

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2003-12-23 15:52 (link)
*only when mk & a's hair is STRAIGHT tho cuz we dont curl out hair..eeew

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2003-12-24 23:41 (link)
yeah u def do look like ashley olsen. and marykate too cuz i cant tell thme apart lol ur def one of the hottest girls ive ever seen

;) ly

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2004-01-01 11:15 (link)
haha yeh i do mannn. thankss ur pretty hot urself evan love yaa
<33 manda

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2003-12-25 00:07 (link)
ahh your life is sooo good too just like jennis lol. wow you look like mary kate and ashley? you must be soooo pretty and im jealous lol. hope you have fun at your friends xoxo <33 emily

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2004-01-01 11:17 (link)
hahah thnkss.. i cant complain about it hahhh.. yeah soo many ppl say i look like the olsens lol its cuz we have the same shape face and the same nose and shit idk hahha but yeah i do look like them.. thnks haha

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