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. g o . a w a y . (xshadow_zonex) wrote,
@ 2003-12-03 19:37:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Dag Nasty - Million Days

    Hail to Davey...
    Hmm... Yes I am new... and yes I don't know what to say. I am extremely bored and that's why I decided to start a journal, or whatever the hell this is called. My life is just so boring. I know I should make something out of it... but it's not that easy. People are just so... umm, different. If I dare to say so. Well what I mean is that I can't seem to find anyone who would feel like me. Everyone I know is just not like me, and it does bother me... And it's actually only because I have nothing in common with them, which means I canät really talk. Because come on, what can I talk about if they don't know what's going on. Of course I could tell them Davey Havok is god, or he's the man, but what would they know. They have no idea who he is, or even who AFI is... Damn ignorants. Man all they know is themselves... That's so fucked up.

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DAvey Havok IS God
2003-12-12 12:25 (link)
I love Davey Havok and AFI...

but I go out of my way to be differant.

If you wanna talk add me as a friend. I added you.

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