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Jess (xscoobydoo13) wrote,
@ 2003-08-01 12:45:00
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    Current mood:ghetto
    Current music:Jason Mraz- Curbside Prophet yeah just waitin for my rocket

    Havin fun in the ghetto
    CrazyNidu: homie you are so funny
    CrazyNidu: homie
    CrazyNidu: you shoudl become a comedian
    CrazyNidu: because then you could be like
    CrazyNidu: yo wazup im a ghetto comedian
    CrazyNidu: dont u think?
    CrazyNidu: you could do a whoel ghetto set
    CrazyNidu: !
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL!
    xScoobyDoo13: NICE!
    xScoobyDoo13: yeah and play sk8er boi!
    CrazyNidu: haha!
    CrazyNidu: yeh
    CrazyNidu: we can do a double set
    CrazyNidu: like we could be an act
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL! yeah gee!
    CrazyNidu: and then we can play some avril
    CrazyNidu: but make it really ghetto
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL! yeah man!
    CrazyNidu: instead of wearing ties around our necks, we can tie them around our arms or legs ghetto style
    CrazyNidu: yhou knwo what im talking abotu?
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL!!!!!!
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL! yes!
    xScoobyDoo13: yeah around our head like a headband!
    xScoobyDoo13: and roll up one pant leg!
    CrazyNidu: haha yes!
    CrazyNidu: awesome!
    CrazyNidu: and wear big chains
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL yeah
    CrazyNidu: we can be bling blingin'
    xScoobyDoo13: yeah gee!
    xScoobyDoo13: with our ICE!
    CrazyNidu: we can bring out our cell phones
    CrazyNidu: because with them we would be bling blingin
    CrazyNidu: and i can make mine play the mexican hat dance or take me out to the ball game and rap along with it
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL!
    CrazyNidu: mhmm
    CrazyNidu: what a great idea!
    xScoobyDoo13: yay man!
    CrazyNidu: homie, we are so ghetto
    xScoobyDoo13: at the lgihthouse cafe!
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL
    CrazyNidu: home skilleeeet
    xScoobyDoo13: LOL
    CrazyNidu: hehe
    CrazyNidu: we would rock too
    xScoobyDoo13: yeah we would
    CrazyNidu: mhmm

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