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can you hear me smiling... (xrickee01) wrote,
@ 2003-04-19 16:59:00
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hey! =)
2003-06-18 20:38 (link)
hey! add my new user name and you can get rid of Reject13! Thanks =) --->Christi

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Re: hey! =)
2003-06-26 15:12 (link)
yeah well simple plan is my guilty pleasure i still listen to them but really they do kind of annoy me.. not because they suck because they really don't, well their lyrics arent great but they don't suck, its just that they sold out =/ i fucking hate when bands sell out...

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Re: hey! =)
2003-06-27 12:25 (link)
I don't wanna be a bitch or anything but why should we hate bands for when they make it big? I mean they went in the muisc industry trying to make it big and help people and do what they love...yes they are bigger then I want them to be but I'm not gonna say I hate them for what they want to do!

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Re: hey! =)
2003-07-06 23:59 (link)
i could agree with that.. i mean i dont like when bands sell out. its awesome for them-everything they worked for has reached its peak and they are finally getting the notice they deserve whether i want to admit that or not. i like having bands who continue to do what they like and dont change to fit the mold of 'popular bands'. i remember seeing simple plan in a show for $12...i cant see tons of $12 shows in the near future but besides that for the most part they seem like good people and they are good at what they love to do best. i listen to my music because of talented people like them who put their music out there. you really cant ask for them to stay a 'secret'.
always remember- all these teeni-bopper-preppy kids listen to their music because they are 'cool' to listen to not for any other reason. in time they will fade from the 'popular' scene because thats what happeneds with 'popular' music then you get your band but they still can say they had the time of their life and have great fans who have stuck by them

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