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Remy (xremyx) wrote,
@ 2012-04-25 02:15:00
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    I'm a masochist.
    Fine, it's what I do.
    But it also helps along my superegoistic goals.

    I did some amazing stuff tonight.
    So what if it totally ruined my sleep schedule?
    It works out in the end, it lines up just fine in the end...

    I've NEVER kept a regular schedule.
    I've tried and it doesn't work...
    ... But given the freedom to do more,
    Holy shit, look at what I can do!

    It's fine. I don't mind it.
    It's how I get stuff done.

    In my corner, alone, just me and my thoughts.
    It's the warmest room.... only because of the heat I generate.
    So, walking into me working is walking into a warmer room,
    dark, quiet, the only sounds are me mumbling and a keyboard clacking.
    The sweet smell of an energy drink wafts...
    ... And I jump when you break the atmosphere.
    Whatever. It's my world. My own, tiny world.
    Nothing feels better than developing in my own little world.
    It'll be fine, this is all gonna work out.

    I'll make everything work out.

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