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Remy (xremyx) wrote,
@ 2011-12-29 00:37:00
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    Dear Ex-Girlfriends
    Dear Ex-girlfriends...
    Yes, all of you, and definitely more than one of you...

    Why even bother?
    Let's be honest, I'm a man like any other man.
    Unless you're gonna offer me sex... and GOOD sex..
    Do you really think I want anything you can offer me?


    Trust me... you weren't that good.
    If you were, I would have fought harder to fight you.

    In all seriousness: offer me great sex and I might even grant you an audience.
    You'd have to be strong enough to bear the burden of threatening my fiancee.

    And you know what? I'll give you a fair chance.
    If you really, sincerely think you have a chance against her....
    Go ahead and let me know.

    I'll even tell you where I'll be on New Year's Eve.
    Show up... defeat Natalie... go ahead, I fucking dare you.
    If you can, good for you, I'll have sex with you.
    And that's it... that's really it.

    That's all I really want.
    Have you noticed I don't chase after you?
    Why should I?
    Go away. Seriously.

    I haven't seen anyone put the effort that she's had.
    You'd have to have a really serious stake to even try.
    Do you? Do you really?

    No... it's just another case of "I wonder if"
    And the if of the situation is that you're simply not good enough.
    But hey: if you haven't understood this ever, why should you now?

    Go away. Don't come back.
    At least, don't come back without something to pique my interest.
    Are you ready to be my pet? My dog, absolutely under me?
    No? You aren't? Are you ready to beat Natalie?
    Oh wait. you can't? You better shut it off then.

    Give up now while you're behind.

    Let me know when you're ready for me to spit on you.

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