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Young And Hopeless (xreduced_lunchx) wrote,
@ 2003-10-19 15:23:00
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    Current mood:ecstatic
    Current music:Acroma*Sun Rises Down

    Eeee! ^.^
    Haha, I had so much fun last night! I was sick...but Anyways. MCHS performed. SO AWESOME! So totally awesome. They got straight ones, which is also totally awesome. So, they got a superior. I was cheering so loud...that when we got back to the buses, I could hardly talk. We were having competitions with the bus that the highschoolers were on. That was fun.. We were like "We got spirit, yes we do, we got spirit, how about you!?" and they tried to repeat it louder than us, but it didnt work. So, we won. DUH. Anyway.. I was feeling really, really bad on the ride to Wood Grill, so Paige and Robbie switched seats so Robbie was next to me. And he was like "Lay down" so I leaned my head on his shoulder and he put his arms around me. When we got to the restaurant, Robbie made me put on his sweatshirt cause he was so worried that I was gonna catch pneumonia..or whatever...So we ate, and he wasnt really talking to me, and I still wasnt feeling well, so I put my head on the table and he was like "Stacy, I love you, but Im eating" so that made me smile. Then we got done eating, and I was feeling better, so me and Chelsea 'frolicked' all the way to the bus. Daniel saw me doing my little frolic thing and called me a freak. Then I got on the bus and sat down, and Robbie sat down next to me, which made me really, really happy. And we talked for a little while, and every once in a while I leaned my head on his shoulder and he layed his head on mine. Carrie thought it was 'so cute' which made me smile when he didnt object. And when we got to the Madison County line, the Madison County Fire Dept and Rescue squad came and escorted our buses back to school with the sirens and lights going and all. That was so cool. So, we hung around for a while outside, where it was freezing, and then went inside to watch the show that got the highschoolers a superior rating. It was so cool. So then hung around school til like 11:30pm, and then I left right after I got a hug from Robbie. He was like "See you in like 36 hours!". Lol. Anyways..then on the way home, dad was like "Man, you're sick as a dog. You're gonna be sick and alone because I'm going to Martinsville for the race" so Im home alone cause dad's in Martinsville and mom's in New Jersey. But, Im yeah. except the dogs were driving me nuts at 6 o clock this morning with their little howling crap. Anyways...ive got homework...So I'll catch you'z later. Bya.

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