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Young And Hopeless (xreduced_lunchx) wrote,
@ 2003-10-04 12:13:00
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    Current mood:bored
    Current music:Good Charlotte-Little Things

    Which do you prefer?

    + power rangers/ninja turtles: ninja turtles, man!
    + boxers/briefs: boxers
    + elmo/grover: elmo
    + Rosie O'Donnel/Caroline Rhea: caroline rhea
    + Who Wants To Be A Millionare/The Weakest Link: weakest link
    + Men/Women: men
    + Sunglasses/Hats: hats
    + punk/emo: punk
    + 2%/
    + Spanish/French: i dunno. french?
    + White meat/Red meat: I dont like meat.
    + AIM/MSN: AIM
    + Kazaa/Imesh: Kazaa
    + 50 Cent/Eminem: they both suck
    + BMX/Skateboarding: skateboarding
    + South Park/Simpsons: simpsons
    + chap stick/lip balm: aren't they the same thing?
    + Past/Present: present
    + Bugs Bunny/Mickey Mouse: bugs bunny
    + DVD/VHS: dvd

    How many times a day do you...

    * masturbate: what?
    * play that song: what song?
    * eat: not much
    * get online(& How long): 'bout 6hours i guess
    * Write: only at school
    * Talk to someone: depends who
    * Shower: how many times a day? two. everyday
    * Jump around in circles: Once in a while I might
    * Lose something(and what): Books? all the time.
    * Use the phone: hardly ever unless someone calls me
    * want to beat up a rent a cop: -no comment-


    & Film Genre(s): comedy
    & Item on your keychain: lots
    & Computer/Video Game: ...?
    & Painter:
    & Person (People): Benji Madden, Joel Madden, hell, all of GC.
    & Way to eat coconut: eww
    & Relative: Bopbul!
    & Font: I don't have one
    & Method of torture: having to be in a room with chelsea panos
    & Electronics Brand: sony
    & STD: ?
    & Color for sheets: black
    & Away message: i dunno.
    & Phrase/Quote: "My ass smells like Joel." -Benji
    "Hey guys, i have some bad news for you. When we were backing out of the parking lot, I think we ran over Lil Bow Wow"-Benj.

    & Way to relax: chillin' and listenin to music.
    & Assassination: ?
    & Number system: numbers suck, i hate math

    What would it be...

    ^ What superpower would you have: umm
    ^ What fetish would you have: hm i dunno.
    ^ What historical figure would you fight: ?.
    ^ What mythological being would you be: uh..
    ^ What animal would you marry?: hm, does Benji count?
    ^ What weapon would you use on Godzilla: um, right
    ^ What commercial would you get rid of: the lays stack thing chips one. that is stupid
    ^ What new holiday would you create: GOOD CHARLOTTE DAY! lol, yeah.

    If you had _____ you would...

    % Ten Million Dollars: go to every GC show I know of.
    % A hammer: beat chelsea panos upside the head
    % Two toothpicks: fling them at people
    % A celebrity slave: Benji? lots of things... hehehe
    % A pet monkey: tease chelsea banks because she wants one. =P
    % An airplane: fly to all the good charlotte shows i know of.
    % A movie theater: play music videos constantly. forget movies.
    % Four dancing clowns: cry
    % A Mafia: hehe
    % A magical stick: Do magic
    % Marlon Brando: i dunno
    % Three flashlights and some cheese: play flashlight tag and pelt people with cheese!
    % No power: sleep
    % To write a book: uh...
    % A jungle: stuff
    % A time machine: go back in time
    % One Dollar: you can't get nothing for a dollar anymore
    % Lost the internet: bawl my eyes out
    % Killed someone: it would be Chelsea Panos or....Nathan.
    % No life: Two steps ahead of you.
    % To live with someone you hate: kill myself
    % Thirteen ghosts: make a haunted house
    % An obsession with cleaning your ears: clean them?
    % Amnesia: um...i dont remember...

    Have you ever wished...

    ! That you were someone else: yea
    ! To be stuck on an island by yourself: ya
    ! For penguins to invade your city: haha. no
    ! That the animals in the zoo would be free: yes
    ! For that wedgie to go away: actually yes
    ! That you were in Austrailia: no
    ! That you invented something no one needed: no.
    ! To speak every language: no.
    ! For that one person to shut their trap: yes!
    ! To get rid of pop-ups forever: yes. they are annoying as hell!
    ! That you didn't know anything: yes
    ! To star in a sitcom: as long as i had a makeout scene with benji.
    ! For Batman or Superman to save your life: Benji Madden
    ! That you could do the polka: no.
    ! To beat an orange to a pulp: no
    ! That you could play an instrument(which one): guitar

    Random Questions. Or the Final stretch...

    $ Who is Tony Clifton:a dude?
    $ Do you watch Animal Planet regularly: no
    $ When was the last time you smelled your socks: never
    $ What day do you wish it was: october 23rd. good charlotte concert!
    $ Which Jackie Chan movie would you be in: uh, rush hour 2
    $ If there was a man standing on your toilet, what would you say: if it was say "Meet you in the bedroom in 10 minutes!" lol
    $ What question would you add to this survey:None
    $ How many dimes in $23.65: ? Lots
    $ When will you grow up: never
    $ How much would it cost for a new haircut: do I care?
    $ When was your last haircut: Um.. about a year ago i think.
    $ Are you always this bored: yep
    $ What are your thoughts on crying: let it all out
    $ The perfect vacation would be: anywhere as long as i got my cd's.. or Benji.
    $ Did you know Ms. Cleo was a fraud: yep. you just told me...but she isn;t...I don't think. She told Christina that she was going to get pregnant again, and she did...or that could be just coincidence
    $ How about those Jamaican accents: they're funny
    $ Why didn't you show up last night: i was in bed with someone
    $ What is the best thing you could ever do: uh
    $ Which decade was the best in America: I dunno
    $ How many questions were on this survey: lots

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