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Young And Hopeless (xreduced_lunchx) wrote,
@ 2003-09-22 16:24:00
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    Current mood:bored
    Current music:Good Charlotte * I Heard You

    *Sigh* Yeah, so let's get to it. So much has happened. I haven't updated for four days. I haven't been home! God, Jersey is so freakin addictive. Been there for four days. School was cancelled, yeah, I think I told you. Anyways. We left at like 7:30 on Thursday morning. Ended up in Hamilton, NJ at like 12. We went to St. Francis hospital where Bopbul is, and he hadn't awaken from the anesthetic yet, and he still had the breathing tube and stuff in, and Daddy didn't want me to see Bopbul like that, so we left and went to Tina and Uncle Mile's house for a bit. Then we left cause Daddy needed beer and I was starving, cause he forgot to feed me, and so we went to Wawa, and then to the Laurel House. God, I hate it there, everyone is always...weird around me. They are all like "Ooh, you're getting so big." and "Ooh, you're so beautiful" So I just nod and smile and say thank you. Yeah, so we left there and went to see Bopbul. He was in the ICU and couldn't talk too much, but we still saw him. So we stayed there for a while, and then we left and went to Grandma Julie's (*gasp*) Yeah, I know, Daddy took me to GJ's. Big surprise. Any other time he wouldn't even THINK about going there. Anyway. We were there for like a half hour, and then we left and I went to Sam's. Dad was there with Uncle Mark until like....late, and then he left. And then Isabel rolled through. Knocked the power out, so Brian, Sam, and I played Scattergories for a while, then Brian got bored so we stopped playing. Then, we slept. And on Friday, we babysat over at the farm for Aunt Nicki. Louis was being so annoying. He peed on Sam, and she about had a heart attack. And then the power went out there for a while, so we were bored out of our minds. Then Louis woke up and we went on the golfcart, (a bee flew down my shirt and stung me. ugh) and then after a while we left. And then that night me, Sam, and Crystal headed to the mall, at like...7. We had so much fun. We got kicked out of American Eagle, The Gap, Express, and Build A Bear because we were being loud with our obscene language. Then we went to Hot Topic and I bought a cuff with metal pyramid-like things on it (which Matt tried to steal today in Algebra. *cough* movin' on) And then we came home at like...11:45. Then we hung out and went to sleep. Then Dad picked me up on Saturday morning and we hung out. I yelled at him for his drinking and he cried. He said I hurt his feelings. Yeah, anyway. We hung out for a while, then we went to see Bopbul at the hospital. He said it was his worst day. He was having trouble breathing and stuff. Then Uncle Kenny, Tyler, and Miranda showed up, so we hung out there for a few more minutes. Then he was going to get some sleep, so we all left. Then me and Dad went to Topper and Melia's. We hung out there for a while, and their friends showed up and hung out. So I sat in the truck listening to music. Melia kept coming out and trying to get me to hang out with their friends' kids Stephanie and Shaun. But, i wouldn't move, so she gave up. So, about an hour later, Topper came out and was talking to me and I got out and went and hung out with everyone. Then, we left and went to Uncle Miles and Tina's house and stayed there and waited for Tina and Miles and the kids to get back. I took a shower there and then Tina, Kaitlin, Cody, and Hunter showed up, and changed out of their uniforms. Then Tina went to get Miles and didn't get back til early in the morning. So then we got up and hung around the house for a while, then we went and saw Bopbul at the hospital. Oh my God. He was looking so much better then he was the day before. He was beating me up and stuff. =) He's great. But, there's a slight chance he's getting out today. But, he should be getting out sometime this week. And then we went to Art and Mabel's house and watched the race. Ryan Newman won. Man, that mother cheated. He got 110 miles on one tank of gas, when everyone else was getting 75-80. You know there's something up with that. Anyway, Jr. wrecked, and fell down to third in Winston Cup points, which bumped "Happy" Harvick up to 2nd. oOo yeah. That's mah boy! =) Then Art and Mabel's kid, Keith tried to rape me. I kicked him in the nuts and walked out of the house and locked myself in the truck until Daddy was ready to leave. Then we went back up to see Bopbul and then we headed back home. We got home fairly late and then I got up and went to school today. Nothing happened, so I'm out. Later.

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