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Young And Hopeless (xreduced_lunchx) wrote,
@ 2003-09-17 22:01:00
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    Current mood:cheerful
    Current music:Good Charlotte * If You Leave

    Bizzaro World
    Hehe, Paige is too freakin cool. We have this whole new world thing. My name in bizzaro world would be Ycats...or, in your cases, Etak. Oh, and there are some other things too:

    In bizzaro world, goat means muffler

    in bizzaro world, Madison has the best football team («ahaha, gotta love it)

    In bizzaro world, Virginia Tech is cool («I'm still laughing)

    In bizzaro world, I'm a shoe means toaster

    In bizzaro world, ena is straight and smart («continuous laughter. my sides are splitting)

    In bizzaro world, monkeys rule the world

    In bizzaro world, I'm not annoying («only in bizzaro world....)

    Anyway, yeah. Bopple is going into surgery tomorrow morning at 6:30. Me and Daddy are going up to see him after he gets out. We are gonna be home in two days. Eh, Isabel is gonna hit us while we're up there. Man, and I just finished covering a wall with pics in my room...I hope Isabel doesn't like kill it. Isabelle is so pissed off at us, cause we keep comparing her and the hurricane (»ex; they are both mean and ugly«) Oh well, she must get over it. *Sigh* School is out Thursday and Friday, due to the stupid hurricane. Man, I wanna be with Robbie. This whole fight thing is basically blown over. But, things will never be normal again. I guess that's just the way it goes. Paige says my room is "shi-boingin" Paige is too cool. =) Jared is working on a game called Etarip Islands (<3) He says the graphics suck, but it's gonna have an amazing story line. Well, Chelsea's birthday is on Sunday, and Paige's is on Monday. Along with school pics. Ugh. Anyway, say a prayer for my grandpa and his triple-bypass. Hope he makes it fine... Thanks. I love you.

    -Etak. Lol, I mean. Kate*

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