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Young And Hopeless (xreduced_lunchx) wrote,
@ 2003-09-14 21:11:00
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    Current mood:loved
    Current music:Linkin Park-Faint

    Ah, I love Jessica Lynn Horner. She's too great to me. Here's why:

    Katy_*i fuckin love you! ha you are my sister! i have known you longer then my own sister, and you have been there every moment of my life. thank god for you in my life i dunno what id do without! your such an awsome friend and i hate mom and dad for moving you to VA! but no matter what we have stayed tight, and we proved that this summer, when we went to wildwood and got drunk and went looking for blues clues.. haha! aw i miss you so much i havent seen you since summer i wish youd come back to Jersey! and i am so happy that you have robbie he treats you alot better then that asshole daniel! go Katy! i love you gurl .. xoxo

    Jess: Gah, you are as good as they come. You've always been there for me. I love ya! Oh, and me and you are moving out and moving to a different state. I'm bringing Robbie with me, lol, and I have no problem whatsoever with you bringing Jeremiah! <3 Lol, love ya sis.


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