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Young And Hopeless (xreduced_lunchx) wrote,
@ 2003-09-14 15:34:00
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    Current mood:dorky
    Current music:Relient K * Chapstick,Chapped Lips,and Things Like Chemistry

    -no comment-
    Omfg, what is it with guys? They are always assuming things! I was reading someone's journal, and he was man enough to flatter himself by saying that my last entry was about him. Haha. Right. It could have been anyone. I don't know why he assumed I was talking about him. I never considered us dating anyway. God, he's like 200 miles away, and I had already had my eye on someone since school got out. I would usually beg for his forgiveness, but since I'm such a whore, I think I'll skip that step. Ugh, guys.

    *Sigh* Well, I went to the game last night. It was awesome. We won, cause Greene County sucks. But they got pretty pissed at halftime, so they covered our game ball in mud and wrote "Madison Sucks" on it. *Shrugs* Stupid losers. I was at Chel's today, I went home with her after the game. I had fun-- hung out with Chel, Robbie, and Paige. Robbie was telling me and Chel how he and his friends talk about us, and keep tallies on how many compliments they give us. I got 30, and Chelsea got 22. I wanna know what they are! He said I got compliments on my 'mysterious-ness'. Cause I keep a guy guessing, and even though they hate it, it's very attractive. Heh, 10 points for me! *Grins* I love Robbie. He's so great.
    Gotta go. Bye.

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