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Young And Hopeless (xreduced_lunchx) wrote,
@ 2003-09-11 21:39:00
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    Current mood:tired
    Current music:Good Charlotte * Festival Song

    oOo boy
    Hm, yeah. Ahh. I have so much freakin work to do. With the stupid Maykeena story, to the RP itself, to my social life, my family life, gah, and Homework. That's the big issue. Homework. I have so freakin much every day, I do nothing but homework. So, today, I went to school, had a few fights, came home, got on here and worked on the journal a bit, went mule riding with Dad, came back, ate dinner, RPed, and here I am. I haven't done my homework, and I need to study for the stupid French quiz tomorrow. I'm thinking of dropping out of that class. Ahh, it's too boring for me. And there's too much to be done anyway. And algebra, I guess I can do that homework in homeroom, but I will probably forget to bring it, in that case I'm screwed unless I do it at lunch. Oh, I escaped my oral presentation yet again. But, I definately have to do it tomorrow. Cause there's only like 3 people left, and Im one of them. Man, Josh was being a jerk today walking to the buses, and said some things that didn't need to be said, so Robbie just laughs. He doesn't stick up for me or say something like "Hey man, that's not cool" NO. He just laughs. So, that leads me to believe that he doesn't really care at all. Which I am hoping is not true, cause that would break my heart. Well, im gonna have to talk to him tomorrow. Sooo..yeah. Tomorrow night is the football game, can't wait. I have to tell mom tomorrow morning, though, so she will remember, and be home on time so she can take me. But what sucks is that Robbie can only walk around for 12 minutes. Oh well, I think I'll just hang out with the band, unless things dont go too well with Robbie when i talk to him tomorrow, then my plans might change. Hm, yeah, well It's getting late, I should probably wrap this up. Bye!

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2003-09-12 22:36 (link)
Woo hoo! Sorry, just testing my comment board. People need to comment. Comment and I'll add ya to my friends list. =) Kate

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