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xrancidxangelx (xrancidxangelsx) wrote,
@ 2003-08-19 12:09:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:audiovent-the energy

    new journal
    idk why but i decided i needed another journal to add to the 3 i already have cuz its fun damnit! so yeah...this is exactly like my deadjournal. right now im waiting and waiting for someone to call me to tell me sara is okay. i couldnt sleep that well last night cuz of that and cuz my nose hurt alot but i already took too much vicodin and i didnt want to od and die so i didnt take ne more. =) lol. right now im sitting in my brothers room waiting for my asshole dad to leave. i have friends on this site already ! yay for me! ha. i added lydia, mickey, gaki, alli. look look i have 4 friends! right now im just really fuckin happy my nostrils got was talkign to gaki about it yesterday....and she knos for a fact i was happy as hell. mmkay...since i got my guaze off i can smell realy really well and right now the whole house stinks and ive been telling everyone to shower cuz i cant stand the smell of anythin around here! sdhfshf my face hurts.

    okie. so i decided im going to see all of the ppl i miss befoe seems a lil impossible right now but it will work out. skewl is in less than a week! man im screwed czu i slack off wayy to much. i slacked off last year too but i still did pretty decent and all. hmph. lenna, me and jennifer are going to go to act sat classes so our asses dont fail those important freaking out about that and its at the end of the year . im a freak. my brain hurts. add me pplz!
    luv yaz.

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