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xrancidxangelx (xrancidxangelsx) wrote,
@ 2003-08-27 22:14:00
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    Current mood: disappointed
    Current music:evanescence-going under

    i dunno how i really feel right now. everything seems rly strange and out there. everyone seems to not enjoy my company or something at lunch and ppl dont really ask to hang out with me so i end up sitting alone. im one of those ppl whos presence needs to be felt or i wont stay in one place too long. i feel like only a few of my friends really truly appreciate my company so its hard to find ppl to hang iwth at lunch cuz i guess cuz i really didnt feel welcome anywhere but alone. i kinda feel like no one really wants to hang out with me and me alone without other ppl there. its weird how i think i kno cuz that person writes in their diary about how awesome their lunches are with other friends but not with me when i try to be a good entertaining happy person which isnt always the easiest thing ever. some of my friends dont really seem to want to hang out with me or like the genuine me, whatever that may be...but i just feel a little hurt lately cuz i seem to annoy ppl when im too talkative and bore ppl when im quiet or a bit talkative. i hate this...everything lately seems so fucked up.

    maybe i should just be a bitch to everyone and maybe ppl will appreciate the old me.

    my immo
    My Immortal

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2003-08-29 08:21 (link)
hey. im pretty sure i know who you are but i dont know for sure (?). you had me on your friends list, so i put you on mine. what's your name?

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2003-08-29 09:21 (link)
you really need to stop worrying about these kind of things. if people didn't want to hang out with you, thed tell you. and im sure they do love your company, so PLEASE stop sucks when i actually enjoy hanging out with you and you go and write about me (yes, that part was about me) and you say that i don't. like whatsup with that? im not being defensive im just trying to prove to you that shouldnt be thinking these things. im sick of the fact that online journals tell ALL. its like whatever i say, even something as small as "i had fun at lunch with lisa and ari" comes back to haunt me. just really diana, your friends love you, and if you think that some of your friends arent treating you the right way, talk to to them them, not talk to them through your journal. you know what i mean? okay g2g
love ya, alli

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