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wasted x youth (xpyro_maniac) wrote,
@ 2003-07-19 13:06:00
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    Current mood: hungry
    Current music:the pixies-gouge away <333

    1) First Name: marissa
    2) Middle Name: nicole
    3) Last Name: duggan
    4) Age: 15
    5) Birthday: .6.22.88
    6) Zodiac Sign: cancer
    7) Numerology # : uh...i dunno
    8) Chinese Sign: ^
    9) Nicknames: uhh....dont really have one
    10) Gender: girl
    11) AOL/AIM: x stupid kid 13
    12) MSN: -----
    13) YAHOO: -----
    14) ICQ: -----
    15) Rightie or Leftie: Rightie
    16) Do you write print or cursive: print..
    17) Sexual Prefrence: guys
    18) Height: 5'3
    19) Weight: ..........
    20) Any Disibilities if so what: none
    21) Best Friend: nicole h. + annmarie
    22) People Who You Have Told Secrets To: nicole h. annmarie marissa nicole s.
    23) Best Gurl Friend: ........nicole and annmarie....
    24) Always online 24/7: no
    25) Do your friends love you: i.dont.know.

    [skipped guy section because it was stupid]

    :::Your Looks:::
    56) Hair Color: light brown and red...i think
    57) Eye Color: blue
    58) Tall or Short: short
    59) Desired Hair Color: black or dark brown
    60) Desired Eye Color: dont care
    61) Nationalities: irish and italian
    62) Race: white
    63) Do you have any freakles: sure....
    64) What color are your lips: normal colored?
    65) Do your eyebrows have an arch in them: i guess so....?
    66) Do you have a widow's peak: no
    67) Are your teeth super white: no.......
    68) Do u have braces: yea
    69) Do you have zits: not a lot
    70) Use an adjective to describe your skin: pale.. good at burning
    71) Do you get sunburn easily: yea
    72) Do you have muscles and wear: i suppose so
    73) Would you consider yourself good-looking: no
    74) Do you have a nice ass: .....whatever...
    75) Do you think your hands are soft: sure

    :::Clothes,Makeup,and Jewerly:::
    76) Clothes your wearing now: clothes....from a store
    77) Describe your favorite outfit: who the fuck cares....i dont have outfits
    78) Describe the outfit you have gotten the most compliments for: ...dont.have.outfits....
    79) Whats your favorite shirt:my a.f.i. one i guess
    80) Does it have a memory and what is it:
    81) Whats your favorite pair of pants: black dickies
    82) Does it have a memory and what is it: no.....
    83) What would people describe your style as: i dunnoo... conservative/rock?...labels are for soup cans.
    84) Whats your favorite type of Jewerly: the rubber kind...and leather...
    85) What piece of jewerly to u wear daily: rubber bracelets
    86) Whats your favorite piece of jewerly: star necklace thing
    87) Why is it: uhh....i made it?
    88) Do you wear makeup: yea
    89) What do you wear: cover eyeshadow/eyeliner
    90) What palettes are they: mm? i supposed to know what that means?!...pass
    91) Do you own black lipstick: no
    92) Do you own silver lipstick: yea....
    93) Do you use them: no
    94) Do u have glow in the dark makeup: no
    95) Whats your opinion on glow in the dark makeup: its not my thing...
    96) Do you wear eyeliner: yea
    97) What color: black
    98) Do you use concelear: no
    99) Do you use sparkles: hell no
    100) What do u think of Maybelline's wet shine stuff: oOoOo..i use it ALL THE TIME!.... what is it?
    101) Do you wear nail polish: yea
    102) Do you paint your toe nails: no...
    103) What type of shoes do you wear: converse...sketchers(sp?)
    104) What color are they: converse-light blue, dark blue, and 3 black pairs..sketchers-white/red
    105) Do you like your style: works for me..

    106) Color: back
    107) Food: Pizza
    108) Rock Band: errr.....godsmack..maybe
    109) Punk Band: green day..but theyre not really lead or u.s. bombs
    110) Hardcore Band: hardcore what?...specify please
    111) Emo Band: uhh...the starting line? are they emo?
    112) Rapper:eminem.. hes hot! ^-^ and hes good in 8 mile
    113) Pop Band: ehh...not my thing...but...since gc is sOoOo popular..i'll just put them
    114) Country Band: pass
    115) Rock N Roll Band: rolling stones
    116) Singer: billy idol
    117) Drummer: tre cool
    118) Guitarist: billie joe bassist? ok..bassist: mike dirnt
    119) Dancer: oh...that would be....pass
    120) Animal: hamster!
    121) Website: or something..i cant remember the name
    122) Magazine: transworld skateboarding
    123) Movie: ermm....SLC Punk
    24) Cartoon: ehh....
    125) Tv Show: boy meets world...can't think of any..rock countdown on mtv2..and uranium
    126) Drink: water
    127) Resturant: dont know
    128) Fast Food Place: ehh....dont care
    129) Store: anything with clothes i like....
    130) Grocery Store: what?
    131) Soda: pepsi...
    132) Juice:fruit punch
    133) Book: dont know
    134) Shoe Brand: converse
    135) Clothing Brand: the cheap kind
    136) Makeup Brand: the cheap kind
    147) Jewerly Brand: the cheap kind
    148) Fragrance: the cheap kind....just vanilla stuff
    149) Color of writing utensil: .........
    150) Sex Position: huh?.....................
    151) Toy: uhh...dont a skateboard a toy?
    152) Possession: cd player, cds, [especially the green day], skateboard, and the guitar i dont have...
    153) Computer Game: none
    154) Video Game: none
    155) Video Game Console: dont care
    156) Ramen Noodle Flavor: uhh..right
    157) koolaid flavor: pass
    158) Hot Beverage: hot chocolate
    159) Shape: star
    160) Condom Brand: dont know
    161) Medical Personal(doctor,dentist,eye doctor etc..): what a dumb question....
    162) Car: an old one
    163) Breed of Dog: um...dont long as they dont peel.....
    164) Breed of Horse: ...pass
    165) Ice Cream Flavor: chocolate
    166) Chips: tostitos
    167) Candy: starburst
    168) Candy Bar: peanut butter twix
    173) Body Part on yourself: uhh, my eyes i guess...
    174) Body Part on someone else: ....................
    175) Shower gel: dont care
    176) Hair style: however i feel like wearing it...
    177) Shampoo brand: .........
    178) Conditioner brand: .......
    179) Sport: softball
    180) Aggressive Sport: skateboarding....
    190) Number: 13
    194) Girl's Name: ehh..i dont know
    195) Guy's Name: damien
    196) Subject in School: i hate school
    197) Teacher: ^
    198) Instrument: guitar
    199) Thing in your room: my pictures

    [skipped another section]

    :::What Do You Think of When You See/Hear the Name:::
    352) Tom: and jerry
    353) Mary: had a little lamb
    354) George: Bush SUCKS
    355) Jeanine: ok...
    356) Kelvin: ..dont know
    357) Patrick: star
    358) Elizabeth: ???
    359) John: dont know either
    360) Tony: TONY THE TIGER!
    361) Eric: ??
    362) Tim: TIMMY!
    363) Nicole: the girl who had serious problems that went to our school for a brief period
    364) Jess: dont know
    365) Holly: errr...
    366) Leah: slut..
    367) Amanda: pothead
    368) Sara: uhh....
    369) Justin: ...
    370) Jerry: springer
    371) Hong: kong
    372) Mike: dirnt
    373) Bobby: ...
    374) Shelly: blehhhh....
    375) Corey: wigger...
    377) Joey: ........
    378) Amy: pass
    379) Courtney: friend courtney
    380) Nathan: natalie
    381) Chris: uh...that kid
    382) Cassie: sister
    383) Chrissie: dont know
    384) Lauren: the fake.....
    385) Carolyn: ....
    386) Bryan: that dude...
    387) Laura: im bored
    388) Frank: Paul Frank
    389) Aladdin: the movie
    390) Simba: rawr
    391) Nala: grr
    392) Mofacas: wtf?
    393) Mickey: mouse
    394) Vanessa: your mom
    395) Ariel:that other movie
    396) Dino: the dinosaur
    397) Tina: ...
    398) Ashley: beehotch
    399) Dan: sucks....
    400) Marshall: also sucks...

    401) What do you think of garbage: garbage picking
    402) Cheerleaders are: OoOh soOoOo pOpular.....riight....
    403) I'm: bored
    404) Your Mom: my a bitch
    405) What do you think of hicks: incest is wrong...
    408) Do you hold gruges: sometimes
    409) What time is it now: 1:04 pm
    410) Did this keep you busy for enough time: yep
    411) What are you going to do now: answer the next question
    419) Where did they go: they all killed themselves...

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2003-07-21 17:56 (link)
yep! :P


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