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Trina (xpsychoxsporkx) wrote,
@ 2003-06-29 20:29:00
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    Current mood:giddy
    Current music:Dipshit ;; Rufio

    i havent been updating as much lately. sorry. i just dont feel like it....but anyways. danielle came over wednesday night. it was fun. we went swimming and shit. slept in the tent. then on friday i stayed home...started teaching myself how to play guitar and im getting better at it. i still suck. but im getting better which is good ya know since im not taking lessons. they are just too expensive and with the house and everything right now we just dont have the money for it. oh yea...on thursday they put a concrete floor in our garage. so now i can play my guitar in the garage. =) yay. and also...i learned how to read tab so that helps A LOT...anyways. on friday night we went to NH to buy powerball tickets (even tho my mom forgot terry and joe's powerball numbers at the house), and we ate at the olive garden. oh and also cary came home this weekend. he stayed for about a day and a half. he drove back today (sunday). then on saturday i had to go help my aunt and uncle clean out their shit hole house. so gross. actually it was their old house that they still pay mortgage on, but they want to sell it. and then i came back here and went swimming. then we went back to NH to get Terry and Joe's powerball tix. then today! went swimming. then after cary left to go back to VA we went to see Charlie's Angels. which i thought was a good jeff. then back here. swam some more. and thats it! danielle is coming over this week. and my dad is gonna be home all week so we are picking her up in the morning. which means i can sleep in! thats it...i think. worried about zach :\

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2003-06-30 12:14 (link)
i got a question! how do you make the words all to the side and things? cuz i wanna do that for mine.. i just dont know how to do it! thanks a bunch.

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boom chaka LAKA!
2003-07-02 15:43 (link)
hey! Why are you worried bout Zach? eek..

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Re: boom chaka LAKA!
2003-07-03 10:56 (link)
ill tell you later...get on AIM. its been almost decades since we talked.

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