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Remus J. Lupin (xprofesorlupinx) wrote,
@ 2003-04-21 10:35:00
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    Current mood: lazy

    Well. Here I am. Writing in this journal, that was given to me. I have not always been fond of writing in journals, but if people are forcing me to do so, I guess that I must do it.

    Well, I got lost. I must have picked up the wrong instructions, because I could not find anybody. Anywheres. That is what I get for taking the Wolvsbane Potion before receiving anything that has words on it. Bloody Potion. I really hate it. I think Severus enjoys administrating it to me, since that means he will take over my class on those 'ill' days, and give my students an extra amount of homeowrk to do, than they normally do.

    Oh,well. Well, the effects of the Wolvsbane Potion have passed, and hopefully, people will not take my absence as saying that I did not want to show up. I did....I just got lost. Well, I hope no one wanted a length to this bloody journal, because I don't think I can write much anymore. Gaah. Someone put caffeine in my drink. They will pay.
    -Remus Lupin

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2003-04-22 02:10 (link)
[The handwriting looks just a tad annoyed]

Lupin, honestly. If I'd known the Full Moon potion was going to make you thick as well as clumsy I'd not give it to you before important events. And, really, do you believe that I *enjoy* having to cover for your classes? Oh, yes, let me tell you, they are *such* a bundle of joy.

And furthermore, what are you on about, caffeine in your drink? What in *hell* is caffeine?

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