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Remus J. Lupin (xprofesorlupinx) wrote,
@ 2003-05-21 13:18:00
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    Current mood: worried

    One more night to go
    Hm. Just one more night. Thank the Gods. I don't think I can handle it anymore. Last night, I had to chain myself before I transformed. It was painful. More so than usual. I really hate being what I am. I just want to go through life, saying that I have one. -sigh-

    I tried to make it down to breakfast. Not that I was hungry, but it helps me if I see people. Talk to them, atleast. But I couldn't, so I just stayed in my containment, now waiting the last time. I know I feel more rejuvenated after this night, which is what I need, with the gloomy attitude I've been having the past week or so. Maybe I will finally squeeze some time in to visit the 'Black Shack', like I have been promising for the past week.

    On a happier note, I will say: I AM NOT ADDICTED TO SLEEPING DRAUGHTS!! -ahem- But I might need one tomorrow night, I -never- sleep right after a Full Moon. So, Severus, if you read this, I will swing by tomorrow to try and persuade you out of one. So, be prepared.


    Well, there have been some more problems here, and my roomie has taken my name off of AOL for a short period of time(she said a few days), because I spend too much time online. So, yeah. I am pretty bloodyu pissed at her right at this moment. So, I am here to say, that if she and I do not come to a compromise at the end of the next week about the usage of the computer, I guess I will be forced to leave Morsmordre as Lupin. Because I do not want to become an inactive character. I do not -want- to leave, but if things don't clear up, I will have to. Well, I am at the public library, writing this, since I can't do it here.

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2003-05-21 16:04 (link)
ack rem.... * pouts and wants to smack your roomie*


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Dear Lupin
2003-05-21 21:24 (link)
Dear Lupin, I have missed you these past few nights. I suppose I have but to look at the night sky to determine where you might be, these days. I feel a bit uncomfortable when you're absent, as if I'm missing something important and I can't quite recall what it is. I suppose that sounds odd.

At any rate, do try to stop by my quarters later. I don't think I'll give you a sleeping draught, but perhaps a different mixture to relax you. I'll work something up in the meantime.


((OOC - Remmy, dude! Get a different ISP! You can pay half of what AOL charges and still get on the internet. It is -so- easy, luv. All you have to do is call them and make up an account number, and they should walk you through how to make your computer dial their number, to connect to the internet. Here, let me see if I can find some 800 #s for you...
- Link to the list:

- Joi Net (what I use, $6.49/mo) (866)468-6564
- High Stream ($7.99/mo) (866)665-9899
- Access-4-Free (10 hours/month free, then $1/hr after that up to $10 max.) (866)693-7334

Hope this helps! Hate to lose ya ;-) )

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Re: Dear Lupin
2003-05-22 15:01 (link)
Dear Severus,

It doesn't exactly sound -odd-, but it doesn't sound normal either. Maybe when I stop by later, we will be able to determine what exactly is missing. I doubt I would be of any help, but hey, -a charmed chibi!Lupin shrugs- A werewolf can figure things out just as well as anybody else. Just not on three days out of the month ;). Anyways, -any- mixture to relax would be great. I need to relax all the time. I always do more than I need to, leading to lots of stress. I need to find things to do to relive that stress. Any ideas? I've tried eating, but that doesn't work to well. -chibi!Lupin shrugs again- Don't you just love that chibi!me? I found a charm to act out what I do! Okay...Maybe I have too much free time....

Anywhos, I will be there tonight or tomorrow night, depending on how much energy I have already gained. Until then.


((OOC: Thanks bunches!!!! -hugs them all to death- -pokes at dead bodies- Ooopsie...))

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2003-05-21 21:34 (link)
*clings to Remmy's leg*

No! We love you too much, you can't go!

Please try out Coy's suggestions and come back to us!

*wishes she had suggestions of her own, but can't think of anything other than "bitch-slap the roomie"*

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