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Remus J. Lupin (xprofesorlupinx) wrote,
@ 2003-05-01 08:14:00
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    Current mood: hyper
    Current music:'Bring me to Life'


    I just got ahold of a box of chocolate. I don't know where they came from. If somebody asks, I'll say they came from the kitchen. But, truth be told, I found them in my room. Maybe a House-elf has a thing for me? -=shudders suddenly=- Oh,well. There was no note. Maybe the House-elves know that Chocolate is my weak spot. Weak spot, yet still the thing that makes me hyper the most. Bleh. Caramel. I hate that one. Oh. There's a Coconut, but I am not too fond of that one either. Maybe I can find people to eat the ones that I don't want to eat. That could work.

    Okay. I am not feeling too good now. Maybe they were drugged? Nah. I probably ate too much. See? -=holds up a box that is nearly empty=- Hmph. Well, I am hyper now, and I need to go to the Three Broomsticks, because I believe Severus stayed there, since he was not in his room last night, after I returned. Plus, I need a drink. Of something. Probably water. Until then.


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2003-05-01 17:14 (link)
Professor Lupin,

It would seem you missed a very informative evening. I shall leave it to Professor Snape to... tell you about it.

Madam Rosmerta

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2003-05-01 22:02 (link)
Oh, Lupin. Honestly! You find some candies in your room, can't explain where they came from, and -still- eat them? It's a good thing you're a werewolf. You could have been poisoned, for goodness' sake! You blithering fool.

...And to think you offered me the coconut. Had I known they were of uncertain origin, I -never- would have taken it!

Besides, isn't chocolate bad for dogs?


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2003-05-02 03:25 (link)
-=rolls his eyes=- So what if I got poisoned? Atleast then somebody would know somebody had planted them in there. -=smiles jokingly, but serious look to eyes=- Not that the school would miss something. Plus, what would the students say, 'We lost the school werewolf. I'm sad'?? Phu-lease! Anyways, you didn't die from it....Which I am glad. I would of poisoned myself if I had poisoned you from chocolate I found. -=clears throat=- Well, it can be at large amounts, but I am a wolf. Plus, the moon is a while away. About a week. I haven't gotten all wolfy yet. So BITE ME! Well, I know you can and you will, but I won't bite you. Damn. I don't know what I am saying. I will leave now.


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