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*~*+!_ChRiStA_!+*~* (xpoisonthewellx) wrote,
@ 2004-02-02 11:31:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:all thats left

    people walk so slow in the hallways, it makes me so mad, there is this girl who made me late for 3rd block because she was taking her time down the hallway smiling and waving at every guy who passed her, and then i was trying to get around her when the lunch bell was ringing....come on, anyway the kill hannah show, i hope we can go because mat devine's voice is so addicting...and yesterday i got the new found glory dvd. which is really funny and i left my guitar over at ashley's house so i got to go get that. i am yet to hear from that stupid telemarketing place that i put in an application for i need a job! yeah this library guy is trying to make me buy a candy bar which i am sick of hearing because he has asked me all last week and i don't feel like hearing it. we only got about 60 dollars for dklimb and i want more because we're sending the money to richard this week. i have not talked to andrew in forever but i told steve this weekend that i can get them a show up here if he would let me know, but no they would rather play 3 hrs away so we can take time outta our lives to go! lol, just kidding i would drive how ever long it took so i am gonna go now before something makes me mad and i start complaining!

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