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NathaN (xpoetictradegyx) wrote,
@ 2004-01-09 22:01:00
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    Current mood: groggy
    Current music:Iced Earth "Black Sabbath"

    Is There Hope For Metal?
    I would like anyone who gives a damn about TRUE heavy metal to think about what im writing in this post. Many metal heads were happy when Headbanger's Ball returned on MTV2. But think about this: There are thousands of 13 year old running around with Dimmu Borgir or Slayer shirts who only saw the video on TV and have no respect from where it came from. 90% of these kids have never heard of Flotsam and Jetsam, Testament, Celtic Frost, Venom or even Motorhead. I wouldnt have such a problem with this if these kids respected where the music came from, but they dont. This is going to kill metal. Not nu-metal or rap metal. Its these kids who pollute shows and may not even give a damn bout metal tomorrow. This is what happened to Ozzfest; from bands like Slayer, Motorhead, Fear Factory, Danzig, and Tool and now shit like Andrew WK, POD, The Used and Cheville clutter the stages. Its a sad thing. Its a sad state metal is in. I mean its really strong; labels like Relapse, Century Media, Earache, Nuclear Blast, and Metal Blade all need to be complimented for helping the scene. But shit like Headbanger's Ball is what metal dosent need. Jamie Jasta thinks that "the Ball" is a great thing. No it isnt. Forbeing somone who "loves" metal, your just helping leading to its demise.

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