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NathaN (xpoetictradegyx) wrote,
@ 2004-01-24 23:24:00
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    Current mood: relaxed
    Current music:H.I.M "Buried Alive By Love"

    I feel good. I feel relieved and stuff. I just think mid terms got me in a frenzy of worrying and crap. But now I feel good.

    Worked tonight. As soon as I walk in I get bitched at. Seems Ive not been breaking my boxes down for the dumpster the last couple of days. Funny thing is I havent worked in a week and a half. I hate that. Whenever anyone else walks in its like "HEY!!!!" and when I walk in I get no hello or I get bitched at. Owell fuck that place. McDonalds can kiss my ass as soon at the park opens up. Knoebels rules. I miss it. I miss the summer there. Its fun. You might be thinkin "pickin trash up and splitin wood in 100 degree weather is fun?". Trust me, it is.

    Got a 78 on my Spanish 2 Mid Term. So its offical, I didnt get anything lower than a C on midterms. Thats not bad.

    I just read a list from some guitar magazine about the 100 greatest Metal guitarist ever. Well, heres my top 15
    1.Tony Iommi (BLACK SABBATH)
    2.Randy Rhoads (OZZY OSBOURNE)
    4.. Glen Tipton & K.K. Downing (JUDAS PRIEST)
    5.Eddie Van Halen (VAN HALEN)
    6.Dave Murray & Adrian Smith (IRON MAIDEN)
    7.Angus & Malcolm Young (AC/DC)
    8.Kerry King & Jeff Hanneman (SLAYER)
    9.Dave Mustaine & Marty Friedman (MEGADETH)
    10.Kirk Hammett & James Hetfield (METALLICA)
    11.Hank Shermann & Michael Denner (MERCYFUL FATE)
    12.Dimebag Darrell (PANTERA, DAMAGEPLAN)
    13.Scott Ian (ANTHRAX)
    14.Slash (GUNS N' ROSES)
    15.Fast Eddie Clarke (MOTÖRHEAD)

    Rented some stuff. Rented Hitman 2 for my PS2. Prett bad ass game. Then I rented Ultimate Fighting Championship 1 (for those who dont know, the concept of this is a tourtament where the lock 2 guys from different fighting backgrounds (karate, sumo, kickboxing,etc) in a pentagram shaped cage and let them kick the living shit outta each other) and an awsome horror movie: The Shinging. Ive rtented it so many times I should just go buy it.

    Well, Im gonna go watch some tv and I might pop The Shining In the old VCR cause Im BOREEDDDD.

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