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*Kristen* (xpixiegirlx) wrote,
@ 2004-01-08 20:27:00
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    1: Copy this whole list into your journal
    2: 'Bold' the things that we have in common
    3: Whatever you don't 'bold', replace with things about you.

    01. I love orange juice
    02. I live in New Jersey
    03. CASSIE the best cat in the world. [yeh you heard me Alex]
    04. I enjoy being a kid.
    05. I sleep too much
    06. I do not have a poodle
    07. I have a crush on Jared. [whoops]
    08. i love black & white [stripes, checkers, polka dots...]
    09. I enjoy reading.
    10. I do not watch TV
    11. I enjoy smoking Mary Jane
    12. My favorite band is The Slackers
    13. I wish I had a penis
    14. i want a star tatoo like becca's. :]
    15. I like real pictures better than digital cameras
    16. Baby pigs are sooooo cute!
    17. I do my own nails. All the time.
    18. I can not wait to drive.
    19. I like to use pastels and markers.
    20. I like pink everything.
    21. I'd like to learn how to write better.
    22. I like art.

    23. i like it when people look up to me
    24. i would love to be the opposite sex for a day.
    25. I love ballet
    26. I believe that first impressions count.
    27. I love to skank.
    28. I had three best friends.
    29. I never had a best friend until I got into high school.
    30. I can't stand my mother.
    31. I've had(have) so many clothes it's not funny.
    32. I like make-up. [like is an understatement]
    33. i never ever EVER wished i was thinner.
    34. I don't like packrats
    35. All my teeth still didn't grow in.
    36. I don't understand depression.
    37. I love glitter.
    38. I want my tongue pierced, but am too afraid to do it.
    39. I like it when Katie writes in my planner.
    40. I am short.
    41. I think true love is shared by more than just a boy and a girl.
    42. I love dreadlocks. (on guys)
    43. piercings are sexy
    44. I have a strange sense of humor.
    45. I love playing with guys...uhh yeah.

    46. I LOVE peanutbutter
    47. i like to make people laugh
    48. I love feeling loved.
    49. I never liked video games.
    50. I had N64
    51. i dont have a job.
    52. I enjoy dying my hair.
    53. I want to learn how to play guitar.
    54. I love thrift store shopping
    55. I am for the most part a permanently happy person.
    56. I forgive and forget easily.
    57. I love my sleep.
    58. I can't stand the house that I live in.
    59. I love getting mail.
    60. i like recieving compliments
    61. new years day is always really fucking boring
    62. I like hats a lot
    63. i love fruit
    64. I love food
    65. I've seen a movie in the theater alone.
    66. I don't g et upset when I fail at anything.
    67. I wish i grew up in the 40's
    68. I want to be happy. Eternally.
    69. Favorite book is The Lovely Bones.
    70. I know how to read.
    71. im not a virgin
    72. I love warm blankets.
    73. My initals are KMS
    74. Graz makes me laugh alot.
    75. I like lots of different kinds of music.
    76. I think pets are incredibly important to have.
    77. Johnny Depp is my favorite actor.
    78. i had(have) a pretty big obsession with bracelets(jewelry)
    79. i love accents, of any kind.
    80. i want to go to Italy.
    81. I've never had polio.
    82. I cry too much over my mom.

    83. My parents were never married.
    84. I think you can tell a lot about a person by their smile.
    85. I hate feeling lonely.
    86. i love the beach/ocean.
    87. i hate tomatoes.
    88. I dont hate school.
    89. I love gwen stefani's style.
    90. I love the city
    91. I love being kissed on my neck
    92. i wish i had more clothes, even though i have more then enough.
    93. im looking forward to moving out.
    94. I love being kissed. (And kissing, in general.)
    95. I was born.[obviously]
    96. Summer is the best season.
    97. I'm scared I'm gonna be a bad driver.
    98. i find everything funny (easily amused).
    99. I want/have several piercings.
    100. I wish i had bright green eyes.

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